May 25, 2019

Top Education Industry Analysts

As you look to learn the ins and outs about the movers and shakers of the Education Industry you will run into many who will offer up their opinions as to the state of the industry and the positioning of the major firms.  The following are well known industry analysts (covering public Education & Education services companies) that spend lots of their time covering the industry, trends and leading companies:

Firm                                                                 Analyst

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Sara Gubins

Barclays Capital: Gary Bisbee

Barrington Research: Alexander Paris

BMO Capital Markets: Jeffrey Silber

Credit Suisse: Kelly Flynn

First Analysis Securities Corp.: Corey Greendale

Goldman Sachs: Maria Karahalis

Great Lakes Review: Elliott Schlang

J.P. Morgan: Andrew Steinerman

Morgan Stanley: Suzanne Stein

Piper Jaffray: Peter Appert

RBC Capital Markets: Robert Wetenhall

Robert W. Baird & Co.: Amy Junker

Signal Hill: Trace Urdan

Stifel Nicolaus: Robert Craig / Jerry Herman

William Blair & Co.: Brandon Dobell