September 24, 2021

After Steep Drops, March Inquiries for Online Academic Programs Fell Only 5%.

Online Inquiries in Higher Education

Q1 2016 Student Inquiries for Higher Education Finished 9% Below 2015.

Gray Associates - Overall Student Demand in Higher Education

Back-to-Back 7% Declines in Student Demand for Higher Education.

Overall Inquiries in Higher Education

Demand Downer: 7% Decline in Student Demand for All Academic Programs and Award Levels.

February - Overall Inquiry Volumes643

Among All Large Programs, Medical Insurance Coding Realized the Largest Year-Over-Year Inquiry Growth in December of 2015.

January - Fastest Growing Programs6643

Despite a Healthy 4th Quarter, Student Demand for Higher Education in All of 2015 Settled 2.9% behind 2014.

Overall Student Inquiries in Higher Education

Student Inquiries for Online Programs Are Far Ahead of 2014 Levels This Quarter.

December - Inquiries for Online Programs643

For the Third Consecutive Month, Student Demand for Higher Education Exceeds 2014 Levels.

December - Overall Student Inquiries643

It’s up! Student Demand for Higher Education rises 14% in October of 2015.

November - Overall Inquiry Volumes643

Wow! 20% Growth in Student Demand for On-Line Programs in Higher Education.

October - Inquiries for On-Line Programs