October 17, 2021

ESM Becomes Charter Member of the Education Marketing Council

Highlands Ranch, CO – January 11, 2011 – ESM, a provider of student lifecycle solutions to help schools enroll, graduate and place students, has joined the Education Marketing Council (EMC) as a Charter Member. As part of the organization, ESM will have the opportunity to share best practices with schools and education companies in order to ensure ethical marketing practices and standards across higher education.

“The education industry is facing a changing regulatory environment, and it is critical that all of us involved from the academic side to the services side fully embrace not only the technical rules, but also the spirit of the regulations,” said Doug Kelsall, CEO of ESM. “The EMC is proactive, providing the resources, guidelines and network necessary to help the industry deliver the highest level of student support.”

The EMC, which is a division of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), is designed to identify and advocate marketing practices in post-secondary education that are in the best interest of students and the institutions that serve them. The organization’s Best Practices Committee recently released its Principles and Guidelines to serve as generally accepted standards in student marketing.

Additionally, the EMC provides members with articles, webinars and white papers, as well as an interactive blog and forum for schools and service providers to talk about issues affecting the industry, share points of view and discuss expectations.

“We are delighted to have ESM join the Education Marketing Council – we look forward to leveraging the company’s insight into the education space based on its 15 years of helping students navigate the enrollment process,” said Michael Platt, Executive Chairman at Plattform Advertising and one of the founding sponsors of the EMC. “Now more than ever, we all need to focus efforts on the needs of students and truly advocate ethical marketing practices to protect both our students and the future of education.”

About ESM

ESM provides student lifecycle solutions to help institutions enroll, graduate and place students. Leveraging its highly trained people, performance-driven processes and advanced technology, the company complements an institution’s in-house teams. As a premier Business Process Outsourcer, ESM operates the largest education-only call center in the country with more than 800 employees, delivering rapid, cost-effective lead processing, high contact rates and strong conversion rates. Additionally, ESM provides student retention solutions to improve graduation rates, as well as career placement services to help students succeed professionally. To learn more, please visit http://www.esm-sls.com.

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