October 22, 2018

Introducing Verity, The CRM specifically built for Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Verity IQ


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Our mission: Help educational institutions increase the outcome of their marketing strategy by delivering solutions focused on lead retention and cost reduction for enrollments and starts through efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency.
Verity is enterprise software product engineered from the ground-up for educational institutions, such as universities, colleges, and schools. The delivery model of our product is software-as-a-service, white label, accessible via a reliable cloud infrastructure.
About Verity

Verity is one platform for prospect and constituent management and communication via voice, text messages, and email.


Verity includes an incredibly flexible and easy to configure sales automation platform, a built-in phone system (dialer), an email automation solution, two-way SMS/MMS , an integrated event calendar, as well as a lead/constituent records management system.
Why Verity?

  • Includes SMS, Voice & Email, thus it eliminates additional incremental costs of separate systems.
  • Decreases man-hours by having the data collected, processed, and analyzed in one place.
  • Reduces the risk of lost opportunity by retaining constituents with targeted and timely contact via:
  1. Phone (outbound, inbound, direct or campaigns)
  2. SMS (outbound, inbound, direct or campaigns)
  3. Email campaigns (on demand, scheduled, nurturing)
    • Tracks and measures results in real-time to assess staff training needs.

It’s special!

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