November 27, 2021

Scam Alert AcademicsNow

academicsnow scamWe have received a number of complaint on our Non Compliance Alerts about this company:  Academicsnow and a person named Robert Trias.  Please be AWARE and Stay Away.  A number of schools have complained about unauthorized use of their names,logos and content along with unauthorized capturing of inquiries on schools behalf which never get delivered. In addition, we have heard from a number of sources that are owed money and never get any responses from that firm.


In today’s day and age compliance in Educational Advertising & Marketing is as essential as compliance in the admissions process itself.  Yet, there does not seem to be any place available where schools & agencies can report non-compliant behavior to others in the industry.  Clearly it is very difficult to manage the morass of lead sources, affiliates, etc. that make up the food chain of lead generation.  Yet, even when those marketers who are on top of their game catch something, the offenders often just move on to the next victim another school. Often they may even appear again down stream in the non-transparent web of affiliates for the same school.

With that said we have been asked many times to provide a place where people could post warnings & alerts about non-compliant vendors, lead providers, websites & other sources.  Well it’s now available!  Submit a Tip about a bad service provider or source and if validated we can “Get the Word Out” Both online & to our membership database consisting of thousands of schools & thousands of EDU marketers.  By working together we can get rid of the trash!!