September 24, 2021

A Tremendous First Quarter for Conversions of Internal Inquiries for On-Line Higher Education Programs.

On-Line Student Inquiry Conversions

The Positive Year-over-Year Growth for On-Line Programs Starts and Ends in April.

June Online Inquiry Volumes643

2015 Education Advertising Survey

2014 EDU advertising surveyIt’s that time, 2015 Market Driven Education Industry Group’s 5th annual survey, in conjunction with Edufficient, one of the fasting growing EDU-specific Performance Marketing Agencies.

This survey has become a standard for the industry, bringing together Schools, Lead Providers & Agencies, helping to create an updated master list of industry service providers.

Link to survey: 


Hundreds of screened participants help make this a valuable tool for all those who participate.

  • All participants are reviewed for accuracy & relevance to the industry.


  • You must complete 75% of the survey questions to qualify and receive results!


  • All requests for survey results from non-participants will be denied!

Service providers contact information must be accurate to qualify. Remember, schools will receive your contact information so they can contact you, so please double check for accuracy.

All School contact information (school name, your name, phone & email) is private and will not be distributed. Only vendor info will be made available.

Link to survey:

2014 Conversions for On-Line Programs Crumble: 20% Behind Year-Ago Levels.


Internal Inquiries Race Up 18%; PPI Volumes Fall: Q1 2015 versus Q1 2014.


Conversions for On-Line Programs are in Free-Fall.


Inquiries for On-Line Programs Dropped 17%.


Demand Drops for On-Line Programs.


On-Line Inquiry Volumes Fall to Record Lows.


Student Inquiries for On-Line Programs Show Significant Declines.