October 27, 2021

Leadscon Vegas another great show!

Jay has done it again.  This years Leadscon 2010 was packed.  Lots of great panels, networking, experts and meeting opportunities.  Many people had mentioned that the format in their opinion should be extended to at least 2 full days if not 3.  So much to see, so many to talk to, hard to get it all in.  I will say it was great to see so many leaders from various sectors within lead generation together.  It was even better to see that they were all honest, open and sharing advice and opinions with those just starting out.  The conference proved to be a must be at event for customers, industry leaders, publishers/affiliates & technology providers. 

Real issues were discussed, not promotional jargon, thus the value of attending was clear.  We look forward to the Leadscon east show this summer and hope it will continue to out perform previous events.