October 17, 2021

The growing role of mobile in the school selection process

The growing role of mobile in the school selection process

The key to enrolling more qualified students is finding a way to effectively communicate. What better way to get your message to your targeted demographic than with a text message?

Leads360, the industry leader in enrollment management, is happy to introduce text messaging as our newest tool to help enterprising institutions attract and enroll more qualified students. Leads360 automates the process of composing and sending texts at the right points in the enrollment process, and helps ensure message uniformity and regulatory compliance by allowing the core content to be inconspicuously controlled and monitored while appearing highly personalized to the prospect.

Text messaging from Leads360 allows users to:

Automatically send personalized, timely and effective text messages to prospects at the right touch points
Leverage one-to-one text messaging – no mobile phone needed to send messages, receive replies or reply to replies
Look up which of the prospect’s phone numbers is text message-capable so you don’t have to figure it out
Control, monitor, and record all text communications to ensure compliance and keep a high quality of customer service
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is using Leads360 automated text messaging in the enrollment process and has found it to be highly effective for sending reminders to prospective students regarding appointments and key deadlines.

“Many of our prospective students use mobile devices and utilize text messaging as a primary means of communication,” said Jennifer Van, Senior Career Counselor at Tricoci. “The ability to send a quick reminder to prospective students in the form of a text message is yet another way we can provide them with a great enrollment experience.”

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