November 27, 2021

Edufficient’s Enrollment Services Division

Edufficient: Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

How We Help Your Enrollment Success

Edufficient’s Enrollment Services Division is a suite of services that can create efficiency at every stage of your school’s enrollment funnel. From prospect to class start, our admissions-trained enrollment teams combine time-tested communication guidelines with your school’s unique value proposition. Our collaborative approach to the enrollment process also considers the best representation of your school’s brand, compliance requirements, and ongoing feedback.

Cost-Effective Enrollment Growth

We are driving cost-effective enrollment growth, growth to scale, and new operations rollouts. focused on increasing enrollment rates and lowering the overall cost per start for individual campus & online schools or large school groups.

Enrollment Services We Offer:

  • Fielding of prospect inquiries via phone, text, email, or online systems
  • Outbound dialing & outreach.
  • Enrolling students with online applications.
  • Gathering required documents (transcripts, forms, etc.).
  • Pending student follow-up thru the starts (Stitch-in Process).
  • Calling students who are absent.

What’s next for Higher Education based on the election?

It seems like Biden will be our next president although the Trump camp has not given up hope. Lets assume Biden becomes president what next on the agenda?

Below are a number of articles about what may happen.



Ancora Education Launches Free, Online HVAC Course To Fight COVID-19

Ancora Education Launches Free, Online HVAC Course To Fight COVID-19 HURST (July 17, 2020) – Ancora Education, a Texas-based group of private, post-secondary career training schools, today announced the launch of free online courses that will teach Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians to identify and reduce pathogen aerosol transmission.

The COVID-19 pandemic and elevated safety requirements, mean HVAC Technicians are increasingly called upon to identify and make system adjustments and implement strategies to mitigate the spread of viruses, like the coronavirus and other airborne/airflow issues. “Essential workers and frontline heroes like HVAC Technicians need additional tools to keep themselves safe and combat the spread of COVID-19,” said Ancora CEO, Michael Zawisky. “We hope that these courses and our investment in the professional development of participating techs will help flatten the curve and mitigate the unwanted spread of COVID-19 across the state of Texas.”

This free, online, and self-paced course is intended for HVAC professionals covering four important areas of focus: Understanding Pathogens, Safety & Personal Protection, Human Engineering Strategies, and Industry-Recommended Techniques. These techniques include controlling exhaust ventilation, managing temperature, and humidity, advanced air filtration, and improving airflow. “With this course, HVAC professionals will be able to expand their awareness and the level of service and understanding they provide their clients,” said Keith DeMell, Senior Director of Program Delivery. “Participants will re-examine personal safety techniques, gain an enhanced understanding of what pathogens are, and what can affect them, as well as review the recommended industry guidelines from industry associations, and the CDC.” For more information on the course and to pre-register, visit ABOUT ANCORA EDUCATION

Ancora Education is a Hurst, Texas, based group of private, post-secondary schools in convenient locations throughout Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Ancora Education specializes in allied health, wellness, nursing, software development and IT, business and management, CDL truck driving, professional trades, security and legal trades, skilled trades, and art and design. Ancora brands include Ancora Corporate Training, Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI), Berks Technical Institute (BTI), Edge Tech Academy, McCann School of Business & Technology, Miller-Motte College (MMC), Platt College, South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT), and The Creative Circus. In addition, Ancora’s Corporate Training division provides workforce development solutions – big and small – for a wide range of companies across the United States. Utilizing Lyo, it’s revolutionary learning management platform, Ancora Corporate Training lives at the cutting edge in its approach to training, skill development, and learning at more than 50 locations around the country and online. As a partner, Ancora Corporate Training works in the communities we serve allowing it to identify and respond to emerging opportunities to better support our clients and partners through relevant and superior training that meets the moment. For more information about Ancora Corporate Training, visit

Verity The Ultimate EDU CRM and So Much more

VerityIQ delivers a SaaS Higher Education CRM solution for colleges and universities. Verity’s CRM unifies all campus-to-student communication on voice, texting, chat, and email within a single hub to simplify enrollment.

Verity’s CRM helps admissions turn leads into enrollments, accelerating your inquiry pipeline by focusing on early life-cycle engagement to nurture meaningful interactions throughout the student inquiry’s school selection process. Once enrolled, Verity keeps students and at-risk students engaged with email communication from marketing, student services, and career services to focus on retention and student success while at the university.

Why Is Verity’s CRM Right for Your College or University?

Born out of Edu

Verity’s leadership has over 50 years of combined experience in Edu-tech, including admissions and marketing, serving multi-campus locations as well as online colleges throughout the US. We understand what schools need to deliver student success.

Developed in Partnership with Institutions

Verity’s unified campus communication CRM is created in partnership with institutions to deliver a solution that overcomes the challenges faced by the industry like drop-offs, missed starts, declining enrollments, poor compliance, and rising costs.

Edu Focused

Our roadmap is customer-driven, which means we build what you want! Verity’s commitment to our clients is to provide simple, transparent, compliant, sales, and marketing automation that is relevant to the Edu-landscape.

Enrollments Simplified

With an all-in-one communication CRM, advising, student services, financial aid, and career services can make calls, text, chat, and send emails to engage with students on the devices that they’ll most likely engage with your brand.

College Admissions and Enrollment Driven

Verity nurtures early life-cycle engagement with a focus on the student experience, so that low-value tasks are automated, allowing admissions to focus on conversations that lead to student success.

Guidance and Support when needed most

Verity’s paperless admissions give full transparency into the online application process supporting proactive outreach so advising can address any questions students may have during the document completion process. With paperless admissions, advising can ensure that all student information is submitted on time to meet enrollment deadlines.

Compliance First

Verity provides enrollment and communication workflows with branded templates for email, chat, text, MMS so that all outbound communication is compliant and follows your brand guidelines.

Full Funnel Analytics

Gain visibility into full-funnel metrics and KPIs with dynamic reports that are relevant to you. View, export, share reports showing lead to application, enrollment, and start metrics by an advisor, campus, or program.

Maximize Marketing Spend

Verity’s unified CRM provides an immediate boost in lead conversions, maximizing your existing marketing spend, instantly adding to the bottom-line. Benefits include positive impacts on operational efficiencies and instant cost reduction from low-value task automation and increased speed-to-lead, providing better ROI of your marketing campaigns.

But, don’t take our word for it, ask our clients!

Serving over 1,000 licenses over 50 schools and growing within the US and Canada, Verity’s CRM for colleges and universities is affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and online institutions, career colleges, OPMS, foundations, and the call centers that serve them.

The result is increased operational efficiencies, lower cost, better compliance, greater student engagement, retention, and ultimately student success.

Contact us here to request a demo or talk to one of our representatives.

Telephone: 877-788-1541


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Private Equity investing in Education Conference, Discount available for our readers!

capital roundtable discount

private equity investing in education

MarketDrivenEdu is pleased to announce The Capital Roundtable’s full-day conference on Private Equity Investing in Education-Focused Companies.

Coming up on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, in New York City, the theme of this conference is How Successful Investors Spot Rewarding Trends in the Education Industry.

As a friend, you qualify for a special VIP rate — $1095 ($400 off the standard rate). To register online, please click here and use code marketvip or contact Chris Agar at 212-832-7300 ext. 0, or


Bain Capital Double Impact Fund’s acquisition of Penn Foster — and its subsequent add-on of Ashworth College — is a classic example of how a private equity firm can successfully capitalize on multiple rewarding trends —

  • online learning
  • middle-skills training
  • counter-cyclical investment
  • roll-ups to add value
  • and impact investing


But Bain’s deal is also an investment that keeps in focus two critical long-term fundamentals in the education industry — costs and outcomes.


  • Costs — Neither Penn Foster nor Ashworth accepts Title IV funding, and both say this enables them to keep the costs of their educations affordable to students. In fact, Ashworth lists its cost per tuition hour at only $64 — one-seventh the fees charged by one of its notable competitors


  • Outcomes — And while both schools have faced issues with outcomes over the years, these appear to have improved because of the two education companies’ unrelenting focus on them. For instance, Bain says an astonishing 60% of Penn Foster’s students report higher pay after graduation.


Hotly favored areas of investment in education come and go (remember MOOCs and coding schools?), but the twin fundamentals of costs and outcomes remain constant, or, if anything, have actually increased in importance!


Join more than 20 experts as they assess the outlook for the education industry at this all-day conference, chaired by Robert Puopolo, partner at Epic Partners.

At this conference, you’ll enjoy exceptional networking opportunities. The agenda includes ample time, with session breaks and a buffet lunch, to exchange ideas, swap business cards, and form new relationships.

To register online, please click here and use code marketvip or contact Chris Agar at 212-832-7300 ext. 0, or



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Gainful Employment being rescinded by Education Secretary!

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is rescinding an Obama-era rule that was created to protect students from abusive for-profit colleges.  She ruled that all colleges should be held to the same rules.  Clearly makes sense to us, but other dont agree…

The rule, known as Gainful Employment, required for-profit colleges and career certificate programs to post debt-to-earnings ratios, proving that their students could find good-paying jobs upon graduating. If the average ratio did not meet government standards, the school’s federal funding would be revoked.

The Department of Education outlined a number of reasons the regulation was flawed in a notice posted Friday. It said the rule failed to account for factors other than program quality that could affect a graduate’s earnings.

DeVos has also criticized the rule for not requiring all nonprofit colleges to also publish the data. In May, the department released new student loan data at the program level from nonprofit colleges, as well as certificate-granting programs.

Link to CNN article:


Private Equity investing in Education companies conference discount code





Save $400.00

MarketDrivenEDU is pleased to announce The Capital Roundtable’s full-day conference on Private Equity Investing in Education-Focused Companies.


Coming up on Thursday, July 18, 2019, in New York City, the theme of this conference is Investing in Post-Secondary Education — Why More PE Funds Have Gotten Back in the Game!


As a member or frequent guest, you qualify for a special VIP rate ($400 off the standard rate). To register online, please click here and use code MarketDrivenVIP or contact Chris Agar at 212-832-7300 ext. 0, or


Private equity firms have felt hesitant about investing in post-secondary education companies for the past decade or so — since the Great Recession and since 2010 when the Obama administration introduced the Gainful Employment Rule.


But times are changing.  Recently several deals reflect renewed interest by PE investors in this sector –


  • Renovus Capital Partners bought Rasmussen College, a healthcare-focused college system with 10,000 students across 22 campuses.
  • Toronto’s Altas Partners bought the University of St. Augustine from Laureate Education in a deal worth $400 million.
  • Colibri Group, backed by Charlottsville’s Quad-C Management, acquired Allied Business Schools, which offers online real estate certification education.
  • Dallas’s NCK Capital purchased Chicago-based Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Join more than 20 experts as they assess the outlook for the education industry and survey the prospects for its various subsectors at this all-day conference, chaired by Bradley Whitman, founding partner at Renovus Capital Partners.

Three key reasons why you should join us: 

  1. Hear how higher education is being remade to better support employers’ and students’ needs.
  2. Understand which education sub-sectors are most appealing.
  3. Get insight into the long-term regulatory outlook.


The opportunity in the post-secondary sector is much larger than just investments in for-profit colleges. For instance, many traditional colleges are adopting some aspects of for-profit models and looking for partners.


TPG Rise fund is partnering with Arizona State University to roll out a company that will work with employers who want to offer their workers online access to ASU’s programs. Both University of Massachusetts and State University of New York are planning national online colleges for adult learners, and considering partnerships with online program managers.


And it isn’t just post-secondary education that’s hot. At the other end of the age spectrum, PE firms are interested in preschool childcare businesses, such as –

  • The Learning Experience, recently purchased by Golden Gate Capital
  • Partners Group-backed KinderCare Education acquired Troy, Michigan-based Rainbow Child Care Center from Quad-C Management.

At this conference, you’ll enjoy exceptional networking opportunities. The agenda includes ample time, with session breaks and a buffet lunch, to exchange ideas, swap business cards, and form new relationships.

To register online, please click here and use code MarketDrivenVIP or contact Chris Agar at 212-832-7300 ext. 0, or


 Please be sure to mention MarketDrivenEDU to receive this low VIP rate.

M&A activity pick up in EDU

Mergers and Acquisitions activity has spiked recently in EDU.

Red Ventures Buys

Charlotte, North Carolina-based digital company Red Ventures announced it has acquired (H-E) for an undisclosed amount. H-E is a provider of marketing and enrollment services to post-secondary institutions.

“Online education is a fast-growing industry with enormous scale and significant innovation,” said Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias. “ brings a unique mix of high-quality digital assets, well-established partnerships, and deep technical expertise, all of which fit perfectly into the Red Ventures model and provide the ideal entry point into the broader education sector.”

Launched in 2007, H-E owns a portfolio of websites that helps more than 150 primarily not-for-profit university partners expand their education offerings and better reach prospective students across the country.

“Red Ventures is the ideal long-term home for as we continue to build the leading digital marketplace serving the education sector,” added H-E founder and CEO Patrick Gavin. “I’m grateful to the Vistria team for helping us achieve this milestone. Their shared vision, commitment to our team and sector insight were instrumental in strengthening the foundation of the company.”

Red Ventures bought H-E from Chicago-based private investment firm The Vistria Group. Under Vistria, H-E capitalized on industry relationships and operating expertise to help strategically position the service in its markets and facilitate the company’s growth and profitability.

“We have enjoyed our partnership over the past two years and are thrilled to have been able to deploy the Vistria playbook in support of,” explained The Vistria Group co-CEO Martin Nesbitt. “The company is well positioned to meet the evolving needs of both prospective students and education providers, and together with Red Ventures, equipped to reach new heights.”

Red Ventures Buys



2U Announces Partnership and Stake in Keypath

Online program management companies 2U and Keypath Education have announced they will work together to help colleges launch and run online degrees.

2U has agreed to acquire a minority stake in the parent company that owns Keypath Education — an OPM that specializes in working with small colleges and has offices in the U.S., Canada, Australia and England. Keypath Education currently works with 23 university partners.

The partnership will allow 2U to “expand the scope of its services” by working with smaller or lower-tuition degree programs than it typically supports, a 2U press release said. The company is known for working with selective institutions such as the Harvard Business School.

2U also announced this week that it will be offering its students complimentary access to LinkedIn Premium Career, which will help students to network and find jobs. The company will use insights from LinkedIn Premium Career to track students’ career progression and to improve employment outcomes for 2U’s university partners.


2U, Inc. to Acquire Trilogy Education

  • Adds technical skills-based ‘boot camps’ to 2U’s partner offerings across a variety of technical subjects
  • Creates comprehensive suite of partner offerings across the career curriculum continuum to make education more accessible for the lifelong learner
  • Expands 2U’s partner portfolio from 36 to 68 world-class universities while strengthening its existing relationships
  • Brings together two companies with proven track records of working with top universities, accelerating 2U’s timeline to achieving $1 billion in revenue

Lanham, Md., and New York – April 8, 2019 – 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), a leader in education technology, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Trilogy Education, a workforce accelerator that prepares adult learners for high-growth careers in the digital economy, for $750 million in cash and stock. Trilogy partners with top universities and leading companies to provide in-person and online skills-based training programs in coding, data analytics, UX/UI, and cybersecurity that bridge regional hiring gaps in more than 50 cities around the globe.

2U is a trusted partner and brand steward to great universities, helping them build, deliver, and support world-class, graduate-level degree programs, professional certificates, and short courses online. Trilogy-powered boot camps are a natural complement to 2U’s existing portfolio of offerings; and 2U’s unparalleled track record of scaling high-quality digital education offerings will help drive Trilogy’s continued growth and online expansion.


A Compelling Strategic Fit

“Trilogy Education has built and scaled an incredible business thanks to Dan and his talented team, and we’re thrilled to have them join 2U. Their business is a natural strategic fit and growth driver for 2U that will extend our reach across the career curriculum continuum, deepen our relationships with new and existing partners, drive marketing efficiencies, and open a more direct corporate training and enterprise sales channel for the company. We expect the addition of Trilogy to accelerate our path to $1 billion in revenue by one year from 2022 to 2021,” 2U Co-Founder and CEO Christopher “Chip” Paucek said. “Increasingly, universities are attempting to add practical, technical skills to their degrees. We simply future-proof the degree by adding this type of technical competency.”


Dozens charged in alleged college cheating scam wealthy parents, elite college coaches and college prep executives accused of carrying out a nationwide fraud

wealth pay for their kids to get into college

wealth pay for their kids to get into college

Pay to play at it’s worst.  These people already provided financial benefits to their children giving them the advantage more than 99.5% of the population had access to.  But it wasn’t enough, prestige bought and paid for.  Many of the kids didn’t even know, now their parents stripped away their confidence.  Lets see, coach i’ll pay you $500,000 if you get my kid into your college as a crew athlete, no he doesnt do crew, but my check clears….

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens of other wealthy parents, elite college coaches and college prep executives accused of carrying out a nationwide fraud to get students into prestigious colleges, according to a massive federal indictment.

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday the scheme had two major pieces. In the first part, parents allegedly paid a college prep organization to take the test on behalf of students or to correct their answers. Second, the organization allegedly bribed college coaches to help admit the students into college as recruited athletes, regardless of their actual abilities, prosecutors said.
The documents also allege that some defendants created fake athletic profiles for students to make them appear to be successful athletes.
Live Updates: College admissions cheating scheme
In all, 50 people were charged in the criminal investigation that went by the name “Operation Varsity Blues.” Those arrested include two SAT/ACT administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches at elite schools, one college administrator and 33 parents, according to Andrew Lelling, the US attorney for Massachusetts.
Coaches from Yale, Stanford, the University of Southern California, Wake Forest and Georgetown, among others, are implicated in the case. The extensive case — the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted, attorneys said

Grand Canyon University partners with to make college education more affordable!

grand canyon

Grand Canyon University (GCU) and are working together to help make higher education more affordable and accessible for people across the country. Prospective GCU students will be able to satisfy general education requirements at through self-paced online courses, tuition-free to the site’s participants. Thus, significantly lowering the total cost of education and removing impediments that often prevent individuals from taking initial steps toward their degree.

At, students can receive college credit toward their degree taking online courses without the normal applications, entrance exams, or tuition associated with traditional institutions. The fast-growing platform was created by startup veterans and leading academics in higher education to help people go back to school. not only prepares adults for collegiate learning, but works with participating accredited universities to award transfer credit for student’s completion of the courses. With thousands of students now enrolling every month, this provides a flexible pathway for busy adults to complete general education requirements and lower the cost of a college education.

“One of the most critical issues facing our society is access to affordable higher education,” says Grant Aldrich, Founder of “To enact real change, we must address the issues preventing people from getting the education they need. Grand Canyon University is bringing about that change.”

Grand Canyon University is Arizona’s premier private Christian university helping students find their purpose with next-generation education, including over 200 academic programs with many in high-demand fields. GCU offers traditional students and working professionals generous scholarship opportunities, student support resources, state-of-the-art facilities, and more. A nonprofit institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, GCU has been providing a consistent and effective online learning platform for more than a decade, with an advanced online learning management system and a variety of online library resources available anytime, anywhere.

“Grand Canyon University has a long history of making college more attainable for busy adults and non-traditional students,” says Cameron Whitcomb, Director of Strategic Alliances. “Working together with furthers our mission of helping everyone reach a faith-based institution offering both academic quality and integrity.”

Through the alliance with, prospective students will have up to 44 units of available credit that could be applied toward a degree at GCU. students will also receive an additional 10% scholarship off tuition from the standard tuition rates when they enroll.

For more information, students can visit .

About Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University is Arizona’s premier private Christian university helping students find their purpose with next-generation education, including over 230 academic programs with many in high-demand fields. GCU offers traditional students and working professionals generous scholarship opportunities, student support resources, on-campus state-of-the-art facilities, dynamic online classrooms, innovative learning experiences and more.

On a mission to make higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone, is a team of startup veterans and leading academics who believe everyone should have the ability to go to college. Through its free platform, students can explore different courses and subjects on their own schedule, be better prepared for collegiate learning, and could receive college credits toward their degree at participating universities throughout the United States. Working adults now have a bridge to start their path back to school regardless of their finances or busy schedules.

Media Contact Press Team
Email: press (at) onlinedegree (dot) com

Grand Canyon University
Bob Romantic – 602-639-7611 bob.romantic (at) gcu (dot) edu