About Us

www.MarketDrivenEDU.com is for all those who work at Colleges, Universities, k-12 schools, career colleges, online schools or service providers who work directly with the schools.

The site is a resource to research the industry, network with others in the industry in addition to browsing the current & colorful commentary from peers. Every month we receive thousands of unique Visitors. Executives at Colleges & Universities, Charter & Private High Schools as well as those that work at related services firms including: the investment community (investors, analysts, Investment Banks, Venture firms & PE firms), marketing & advertising professionals, Technology providers, Educators & Curriculum development, career services & other related service providers.

In addition, this site & associated linkedin group as a resource has connected and/ or facilitated, business services, consulting or advisory services between thousands of different schools, Industry Individuals, financial firms & other service firms within the industry. The main areas of focus include:

  • Advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Media plan Review
  • Advertising compliance auditing
  • Admissions
  • ForProfit Education Industry
  • Outlook at Individual schools
  • School Operations
  • M&A
  • Raising capital
  • Market research
  • Partnering to create & grow online schools

Please feel free to send us suggestions for questions and/ or comments on how we can improve this site and provide you with additional value.

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