Education Specific Contact Centers or Enrollment Centers

Many schools colleges & universities struggle to respond in a timely fashion to the often-significant influx of student prospects interested in the in programs or degrees.  This not only reduces the enrollment opportunity for your school it also can leave a bad taste or resentment in the mind of the prospective student.  Luckily there are several highly qualified enrollment center companies who specialize in helping schools reach out, answer questions, provide information and help students enroll.

Through our EDU Surveys we have found the following to be great folks to talk to:

Top Education Contact Center or Enrollment Centers

Edufficient & Enrollment Partners

When choosing an Enrollment center partner, we have found you should look for Education focused contact centers or enrollment centers not customer service centers.  Higher Education enrollment centers or K-12 enrollment centers.  You should utilize manual or click to dial NOT automated dialing and the centers should be managed by folks with admissions experience.  You partners should run their business on the latest & best Education CRM and Student information System technology such as VerityIQ

These strategic partners can work you older inquires & prospects along with the new ones that come in.  A solid contact strategy can make the difference between success and failure.

Common services offered by Education Contact centers:

  • Qualify & Transfer
  • Speed to Lead/prospect
  • Older prospect outreach
  • Funnel growth