Advertising Agencies specializing in Education

There are advertising agencies and their are advertising agencies who specialize in Education.  Anyone experienced in Education knows that our industry has its unique attributes and that’s why many schools choose advertising agencies who specialize specifically in Education.

Compliance, experience, deep vendor knowledge, critical mass & industry awareness are just a few key attributes to look for when selecting an advertising firm for your school.

Below is our Top Pick for Education specific advertising firms, click on their name for more information:

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2014 EDU Advertising Survey Award winner!

Edufficient is a results-driven advertising management firm specializing in higher education. Our objective is to facilitate long-term growth for colleges and universities through intelligent media buying and management, innovative technology, and progressive methodology.  By serving as an extension of your internal marketing team, we share your enrollment and marketing objectives.  Our founders David Flack and Tom Ferrara were key drivers of the shift in focus from lead quantity to lead quality- as they advocated schools rights to more transparent marketing processes. As they founded CUnet in 2003, they paved the way for schools to recover control of their online marketing efforts by instituting a lead management system based on the principles of accountability, compliance, and performance. This endeavor was since embraced by the industry- as more transparency and an emphasis on performance became widespread.

Since leaving CUnet in 2008, Tom and David felt that more can be done to advance the movement they helped promote.  And now that there has been an unprecedented emphasis on compliance and the responsibility of schools marketing and admissions departments, Edufficient was designed to partner with schools and lead providers to further evolve the industry through honest, more advanced marketing strategy and management.