Organic (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Colleges and Universities

search engine marketing for colleges

In Higher Education, expert marketers bid on relevant keywords related to your trademarks & program offerings to get your ads in front of users who are actively searching for those specific keywords. As you can imagine, managing a well run Pay Per Click (or paid search) campaign is both complex and time-consuming especially in the higher education industry.

Experienced Education marketers know that effective Paid Search campaigns require constant monitoring, testing, research and analysis.  You must continually analyze and evaluate the analytics to gain in-depth insights on campaign performance to continually make tweaks, A/B test to ensure the best ROI and make suggestions based on data.

Fortunately there are a few firms who specialize in Paid Search Media management for Higher Education, Colleges and Universities


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PPC Education – Paid Search Management For Higher Education

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