Student Information Systems (SIS) & Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS)

With the vast amount of data needed to effectively manage advertising & marketing, admissions, registrar, student management, attendance & education it easy to see how and why a good student information system and life cycle management system is so important.  The best schools must effectively use data to drive growth, reduce costs and always meet accountability requirements, it’s not an easy task!  Who to use is one of the most common questions we receive.

Thankfully there are a few sharp companies out there who have managed to create solutions that help school do all of this.  The decision on who to choose it of utmost importance, choose wisely!

Below you will find some of the most established, proven and in many innovators withing this area of our industry.

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VerityIQ delivers a SaaS Higher Education CRM solution for colleges and universities. Verity’s CRM unifies all campus-to-student communication on voice, texting, chat, and email within a single hub to simplify enrollment.

Verity’s CRM helps admissions turn leads into enrollments, accelerating your inquiry pipeline by focusing on early life-cycle engagement to nurture meaningful interactions throughout the student inquiry’s school selection process. Once enrolled, Verity keeps students and at-risk students engaged with email communication from marketing, student services, and career services to focus on retention and student success while at the university.

Why Is Verity’s CRM Right for Your College or University?

Born out of Edu

Verity’s leadership has over 50 years of combined experience in Edu-tech, including admissions and marketing, serving multi-campus locations as well as online colleges throughout the US. We understand what schools need to deliver student success.

Developed in Partnership with Institutions

Verity’s unified campus communication CRM is created in partnership with institutions to deliver a solution that overcomes the challenges faced by the industry like drop-offs, missed starts, declining enrollments, poor compliance, and rising costs.

Edu Focused

Our roadmap is customer-driven, which means we build what you want! Verity’s commitment to our clients is to provide simple, transparent, compliant, sales, and marketing automation that is relevant to the Edu-landscape.

Enrollments Simplified

With an all-in-one communication CRM, advising, student services, financial aid, and career services can make calls, text, chat, and send emails to engage with students on the devices that they’ll most likely engage with your brand.

College Admissions and Enrollment Driven

Verity nurtures early life-cycle engagement with a focus on the student experience, so that low-value tasks are automated, allowing admissions to focus on conversations that lead to student success.

Guidance and Support when needed most

Verity’s paperless admissions give full transparency into the online application process supporting proactive outreach so advising can address any questions students may have during the document completion process. With paperless admissions, advising can ensure that all student information is submitted on time to meet enrollment deadlines.

Compliance First

Verity provides enrollment and communication workflows with branded templates for email, chat, text, MMS so that all outbound communication is compliant and follows your brand guidelines.

Full Funnel Analytics

Gain visibility into full-funnel metrics and KPIs with dynamic reports that are relevant to you. View, export, share reports showing lead to application, enrollment, and start metrics by an advisor, campus, or program.

Maximize Marketing Spend

Verity’s unified CRM provides an immediate boost in lead conversions, maximizing your existing marketing spend, instantly adding to the bottom-line. Benefits include positive impacts on operational efficiencies and instant cost reduction from low-value task automation and increased speed-to-lead, providing better ROI of your marketing campaigns.

But, don’t take our word for it, ask our clients!

Serving over 1,000 licenses over 50 schools and growing within the US and Canada, Verity’s CRM for colleges and universities is affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and online institutions, career colleges, OPMS, foundations, and the call centers that serve them.

The result is increased operational efficiencies, lower cost, better compliance, greater student engagement, retention, and ultimately student success.

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