For-profit education firms are often referred to (in jest)  as marketing firms who happen to market education…  While the quality of education is certainly an important component for a successful firm, the quality of their marketing is one of the most vital success factors in this highly competitive environment.  With most school systems spending between 20%-26% of their revenues on advertising & marketing expense, performance matters!

Direct marketing is the mainstay of this industry, generating and buying of leads is the meat & potatoes of these firms.  Being that the education lead generation industry is currently the largest lead generation industry on the Internet, (due to the economic climate almost 1/2 of the mortgage lead vendors, previously the largest sector have left mortgage and jumped into the edu market) the amount of firms that claim to generate leads for schools is in the thousands.  However, there are only a hand-full of top performers and quality aggregator.  Most offer some type of online degree search or college search

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The goal of this section of is to provide a detailed overview of all things marketing.