May 25, 2019

Private Equity investing in Education companies conference discount code

          MarketDrivenEDU is pleased to announce The Capital Roundtable’s full-day conference on Private Equity Investing in Education-Focused Companies.   Coming up on Thursday, July 18, 2019, in New York City, the theme of this conference is Investing in Post-Secondary Education — Why More PE Funds Have Gotten Back in the Game! […]

M&A activity pick up in EDU

Mergers and Acquisitions activity has spiked recently in EDU. Red Ventures Buys Charlotte, North Carolina-based digital company Red Ventures announced it has acquired (H-E) for an undisclosed amount. H-E is a provider of marketing and enrollment services to post-secondary institutions. “Online education is a fast-growing industry with enormous scale and significant innovation,” said […]

Dozens charged in alleged college cheating scam wealthy parents, elite college coaches and college prep executives accused of carrying out a nationwide fraud

Pay to play at it’s worst.  These people already provided financial benefits to their children giving them the advantage more than 99.5% of the population had access to.  But it wasn’t enough, prestige bought and paid for.  Many of the kids didn’t even know, now their parents stripped away their confidence.  Lets see, coach i’ll […]

Grand Canyon University partners with to make college education more affordable!

Grand Canyon University (GCU) and are working together to help make higher education more affordable and accessible for people across the country. Prospective GCU students will be able to satisfy general education requirements at through self-paced online courses, tuition-free to the site’s participants. Thus, significantly lowering the total cost of education and removing […]

Leadscon Discount code, special member rate

        Pricing Alert: Rates increase tomorrow. Secure your spot today at the world’s largest event on performance marketing. Lock in your seat today with over 2,700 leading performance marketers from around the world. Get the latest insights and strategies on how to maximize your acquisition, conversion and retention strategies. And, we’ve upgraded […]

Online Education expected to continue it’s growth in 2019

  The number of students who were enrolled exclusively online grew to 15.4 percent  which is up from 14.7 percent in 2016, or about one in six students. The percentage of all students who combined online and in-person courses grew faster, to 17.6 percent in 2017 from 16.4 percent in 2016.  The percentage of students who took at least […]

Lamar Alexander will not seek re election

Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, one of the few pragmatic dealmakers left on Capitol Hill, is the first senator to announce he won’t run for re-election in 2020. “The people of Tennessee have been very generous, electing me to serve more combined years as Governor and Senator than anyone else from our state. I am deeply […]

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