8 digital learning tools for 2022

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February 2, 2022

Returning to school after winter break brings with it a variety of emotions–excitement, anticipation, and hesitation prompted by concerns around potential COVID-19 outbreaks. And because schools may move to hybrid or virtual learning despite starting in person, digital learning tools that work in the physical or virtual classroom can prove invaluable.

Recent research from Texthelp shows that teachers believe students were significantly less engaged this past school year, but that digital tools were a bright spot in their classrooms. In fact, 90 percent of teachers say they plan to use edtech tools this upcoming school year.

Through using these tools, teachers say they experienced increased efficiency across the board and that students now have the accessible and engaging tools they need.

Educators who are searching for new digital learning tools to use as students return to classrooms can browse the below list to see if any of the resources fill a gap in their school or classroom:

1. Along, from Gradient Learning and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, is a free digital reflection tool designed to help teachers make each of their students feel seen and understood. It lets students send quick video, audio, or text directly to their teacher so they can open up about who they are and what’s really on their mind.