CareerMotivations today announces it’s free assessment service for students and career changers

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November 29, 2011

      November 29, 2011 CareerMotivations today announces it’s free assessment service for students and career changers.   We provide a best in class validated assessment that helps prospective students determine career paths & college degrees which best fit their personal interests & motivations.  Combining a proven, reliable, fully validated assessment with the US Govt’s O’net, BLS & CIP code data allows us to provide an in-depth snapshot into one’s personal interests & motivations aligned with Career Path’s and associated College Degree programs.   Most agree that those who make well informed educational decisions are more likely to be students with higher retention, graduation & placement rates. It’s about outcomes, we strive to ensure a Win – Win relationship between the student and the college.  Often students do not understand their motivations and therefore enroll in a path that leads to a lack of interest & boredom; when that occurs, the commitment vanishes and ultimately they drop out.  Since colleges are looking to improve outcomes and students are looking for guidance as to what’s right for them, CareerMotivations assessment provides that. For Students: If you are a student or a working professional who is pursuing or advancing a degree, CareerMotivation’s online assessment can help you choose a specific degree that will lead you to your desired career path based on your personal motivations and interests. Selecting the right career path along with the associated degree program is an important step in reaching your future career planning, goals & success. Your personal career assessment will reveal your skills, interests, learning styles and motivation. The results are mapped to career & degree information which can be used as your guide for career development. Solutions for Colleges: Colleges can offer the assessment to their prospective students  allowing both the student and the admissions reps to make a more informed decision.  We can map your college’s specific degree programs to the results allowing both admissions & prospective students to see which of your schools programs they are best suited for.  When you reach out to prospective students you can establish a value proposition and a trusted relationship with them & their families. The assessment when offered by your school will reinforce the importance of the decision they are looking to make and show them that you have their best interest in mind. What better way to establish a relationship of trust than by offering them a Free Career Assessment- one that helps them identify which career & educational path’s are available at your college is right for them. Advertising a Free Career Motivations assessment can also help attract new students, yield significant return with your recirc’s and reduce acquisition costs of students. Think of the relationship you establish with the prospective student and family when your admissions representative sits down with them to go over their results and helps them plan for their future and achieve their goals & desires. Solutions for Call Center & Lead providers: Lead providers can utilize a private labeled or co-branded version of the CareerMotivations assessment to increase lead generation volume and reduce the cost of prospect acquisition.  The registration can be customized to collect the data fields you require prior to users being able to take the assessment.  The registrations can be posted directly to your lead management system or dialer.  CareerMotivations believes the value of a lead who has taken an assessment is significantly higher than a lead alone.   About CareerMotivations is an educational services company that specializes in providing interactive assessment solutions to secondary, post-secondary institutions and individuals. By capitalizing on proven techniques to determine a person’s educational and career motivations, we help identify mutually beneficial relationships between a student and their desired education and career path. For more information on CareerMotivations services please visit   Press Contact: or email us at info (@) Address: 14 Vervalen Street Closter, New Jersey 07624 Phone: 201-564-7651 Fax: 201-215-0751  ]]>