CareerMotivations receives top 5 Award

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February 7, 2013

CareerMotivations awarded Top 5 finalist at EdGrowth Summit’s Entrepreneur open. When we asked CareerMotivations to summarize how their product helps colleges, this is what we heard back: How do you describe your product/service? CareerMotivations service is unique as it provides value to almost all of the departments within a college: The Marketing Department of a college uses the service to recruit more students by generating additional high quality leads as well as achieving a greater yield/return on their existing advertising spending. The Admissions Department uses the service to better understand & build trust with the prospective students and enroll them in the most suitable degree programs. The Student Management Department can use the service to place students into the appropriate classroom & instructor environments based on their needs as well as to identify “at risk” students allowing them to be proactive rather than reactive in their assistance. The Career Services Department can use the service to assist its students and alumni in identifying specific jobs and career paths which directly represent their interests as well as finding those jobs with our job search functionality. Finally, The Education Department leverages the service to identify, understand & act on the information gathered by the data assembled, thus allowing the institution to improve both intake and outcomes. Overall, we help them build trust with their prospective students & regulatory bodies by improving enrollment & retention rates.   About CareerMotivations CareerMotivations is an educational services company that specializes in providing interactive assessment solutions to secondary, post-secondary institutions and individuals. By capitalizing on independently validated techniques to determine a person’s educational and career motivations, we help identify mutually beneficial relationships between students, their desired educational institution and career path.  We successfully help colleges increase enrollments & show rates, while also improving retention & graduation rates. For more information please visit]]>