a Special opportunity for a Free trial of CareerMotivations Assessment

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July 8, 2011

      ForProfitEdu.com is pleased to announce a Special opportunity for a Free trial of the CareerMotivations Assessment for its Members.  This opportunity is open to the first 10 Colleges that inquire and get started.  CareerMotivations is a fully validated assessment (University of Minnesota did the validation study) and over 7,000,000++ have taken the assessment.  In essence a person takes the assessment and it tells them which career paths (US govt. data Onet) they are most motivated to enjoy & succeed in.  It provides them with their learning styles, motivational qualities & which corresponding degree programs (available at your colleges) are a best match for them based on Govt. CIP code (Classification of Instructional Programs). It also provides the most recent Government data as to the career description, the employment outlook for that career path, related career paths, as well as salary information.   The tool is customized for each school/system, CareerMotivations enters all of the schools specific programs (CIP codes) and the school tells us what questions to ask on the registration (this becomes a valuable lead).  Then the user takes the assessment and when completed they can see the matches to each of the school’s programs as well as all of the government descriptions around each of them.   The report data is incredibly easy to understand yet detailed and the relationship & trust the admissions representative can have with the potential student and family is unmatched.   In essence, it provides a new low cost means of generating interested students, a strong bond and value created with admissions and a greater likelihood the student enrolls in the correct program (thus more likely to graduate), not to mention it shows the world that the school cares about each student individually and makes efforts to help the student make wise choices with accurate information.   Additional benefits over time include the ability to identify specific motivational traits & learning styles which tend to align with students who graduate as well as those students who drop.  Once these are identified, schools can utilize this information on intake to determine the appropriate degree path for the student and which ones may need additional attention from student management to help them graduate.   Schools thus far, have been interested in adding this to their website for increased inquiry generation, utilization in recirculation email campaigns to regenerate students from old leads and in social media & TV advertising to increase return on their advertising.   If you are interested in the Free Trial please contact us: http://www.careermotivations.com/contact-us/   CareerMotivations and ForprofitEDu are non related entities, if your firm has a special offer for the 5000+ member of forprofitedu.com group please contact us  ]]>