Edufficient’s Enrollment Services Division

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July 13, 2021

How We Help Your Enrollment Success

Edufficient’s Enrollment Services Division is a suite of services that can create efficiency at every stage of your school’s enrollment funnel. From prospect to class start, our admissions-trained enrollment teams combine time-tested communication guidelines with your school’s unique value proposition. Our collaborative approach to the enrollment process also considers the best representation of your school’s brand, compliance requirements, and ongoing feedback.

Cost-Effective Enrollment Growth

We are driving cost-effective enrollment growth, growth to scale, and new operations rollouts. focused on increasing enrollment rates and lowering the overall cost per start for individual campus & online schools or large school groups.

Enrollment Services We Offer:

  • Fielding of prospect inquiries via phone, text, email, or online systems
  • Outbound dialing & outreach.
  • Enrolling students with online applications.
  • Gathering required documents (transcripts, forms, etc.).
  • Pending student follow-up thru the starts (Stitch-in Process).
  • Calling students who are absent.