How innovative teaching helps boost productivity

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September 22, 2022

AI has untapped potential in classrooms, from preschool through higher education. An AI digital assistant used in a classroom can transform how educators teach, giving them the freedom to teach from anywhere in the room.

Join eSchool News as Levi Belnap, Chief Strategy Officer at Merlyn Mind, introduces Merlyn (a digital assistant custom-designed for the classroom), shares the benefits of using an AI digital assistant, and discusses how the new strategic alliance with Promethean enables access to powerful technology in the classroom.

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What an AI digital assistant is
How “technostress” is defined and how it can be reduced for teachers
How teachers can efficiently control the apps and tools they are already using in classrooms
How to bring simplicity into the classroom with artificial intelligence
How edtech tools are working together to increase classroom productivity and support innovative teaching

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