New Service helps schools generate their own high quality low cost leads while improving trust and establishing a bond with prospects.

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May 15, 2012

career assessments Profile Company: Mission: Help schools generate their own low cost, high converting student inquiries and improve retention rates with the Career Motivations Assessment. A few of the advantages For Colleges: Students can better explore career & degree options at your school based on their personal motivations & interests Students can see an individualized ranking of your school’s specific degree programs, aligned with the prospective students’ interests, motivations and associated career paths Use as a tool to generate leads, identify & capture passive students, on website, social media, recirculation & lead nurturing campaigns Facilitate students’ success by enhancing satisfaction through enrolling them in the degree program they are most likely to enjoy & succeed in Identify learning styles and preferred classroom environments, increase retention fulfillment, & better prepare students for success in the workplace View a online demo: Linkedin group members receive special member discounts when mentioning the group! To request information:]]>