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July 5, 2012

Where Will You Be July 23 – 25? If the answer isn’t LeadsCon East in NYC, you might want to rethink your plans. 1. Who Says You Can’t Get Something for Nothing As a member of For-Profit-Education, you rely on the group for insights, coverage, and access. That is also you expect and get at LeadsCon. As a group member, you get those same benefits at a fraction of the actual price. Prices increase in less than a week so REGISTER NOW. Note. You MUST use the link below to capture your savings. ********************************************** Save $400: http://lcntrk.com/?a=11&c=12&s1= ********************************************** 2. Can You Even Put A Price on Missed Opportunity? Saving money on registration is nice, but you can’t put a price on missing the chance to INTERACT with the top names in for-profit-education and stay on top of key trends in student recruitment. Who can you meet? Capella University, Chancellor University, Full Sail University, University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, along with the top 15 marketing services firms, and literally HUNDREDS more from across the customer acquisition ecosystem. ********************************************** Companies attending (more added daily): http://leadscon.com/leadscon-east-2012/companies-attending/ ********************************************** 4. Come Early. Stay Late. Your All-Access pass already comes loaded with benefits – 80+ speakers, 30+ sessions, hours of networking, receptions, and lots of food and drinks. In addition to a brand new after-party at one of New York’s great venues, this year’s Full Conference Program features two brand new mini-summits at no additional cost. i) Lead Buyer Summit – open to qualified lead buyers offering a no sales environment with five sessions specifically for buyers. ii) International Summit – stories from the best from around the world to LeadsCon East AND the best insights in customer acquisition from the US market for those abroad. For those focused exclusively on the education sector, there is not only an entire track dedicated the role of the phone in student recruitment, there is also an incredible discussion that brings on stage some of the rising stars of for-profit-education, companies like General Assembly and Dev Bootcamp. ********************************************** Exhibitor list: http://leadscon.com/leadscon-east-2012/exhibitor-list/ Full Conference Program: http://leadscon.com/leadscon-east-2012/full-conference-program/ Speaker list: http://leadscon.com/leadscon-east-2012/speakers/ ********************************************** Want to be in the know? Book Today! Remember, you MUST use the link below to lock in your low rate. ********************************************** Exclusive savings: http://lcntrk.com/?a=11&c=12&s1= ********************************************** Click this link for discount: http://lcntrk.com/?a=11&c=12&s1= Discount is valid for new registrations only. Refunds are not available for past purchases.]]>