September 26, 2021

McCain sends a letter to Arne Duncan strongly suggesting removal of gainful employment


  1. AMEN! This is just another reason why I voted for McCain… I only hope others challenge the biased agenda of the Obama socialist regime..

  2. While I don’t agree with the political lean of the last commentor….I do agree that this particular piece of “reform” is misguided and one-sided. The department of education needs to instrument regulations which makes sense, and a good way to measure that is to determine if it works for both for-profit and non-profit. In addition, I do think that it is very possible that short sellers, biased government studies & government leaks are all at work. With the insane amounts of money made by wall street insiders and the stupid amounts of money wasted on political campaigns, not a hard stretch to imagine how one hand washes the other…..

  3. Wade Awike says

    Edward and Laura are lost. The for profit college system is so corrupt to voice any opinion that displays that you are unaware of this confirms you are completely uninformed.

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