September 24, 2021

EDU PE conference standing room only

The capital round table event last week at the University Club was standing room only.  They had to bring out additional tables to accommodate the surge in attendance.  Lots of strong speakers, companies & industry power players delivered yet another strong event.  Clearly the most influential gathering of PE investing in education and educational service companies. 

Here were a few of the speakers:


 Bruce A. Eatroff, Partner

Halyard Capital

  •  Diane Auer-Jones, Career Education Corp.
  • Jonathan P. Barnes, Halyard Capital
  • Jay N. Bartlett, Parthenon Group LLC
  • Erik L. Brooks, ABRY Partners LLC
  • William C. Clohan, Assoc. of Private Sector Colleges & Universities
  • John F. Cozzi, AEA Investors LP
  • Christopher L. Curran, Education Growth Partners
  • Lincoln E. Frank, Quad Partners LLC
  • Marcelo Gigliani, Apax Partners LP
  • Michael B. Goldstein, Dow Lohnes PLLC
  • James J. Goll, BMO Capital Markets Corp.
  • Jonathan N. Grayer, Weld North LLC
  • Carter W. Harned, Leeds Equity Partners LLC
  • Robert Lytle, Parthenon Group LLC
  • Jonathon Newcomb, Coady Diemar Partners LLC
  • Jason Palmer, Kaplan Ventures
  • Chip Paucek, 2tor Inc.
  • Nina S. Rees, Knowledge Universe Education LP
  • Jason Rosenberg, Sterling Partners
  • Kenneth D. Salomon, Dow Lohnes Government Strategies LLC
  • Joshua N. Schwartz, East Wind Advisors LLC
  • Jeffrey M. Silber, BMO Capital Markets Corp.
  • Jason Stoffer, Maveron LLC
  • Peter O. Wilde, Providence Equity Partners LLC

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