October 17, 2021

Feedback on lead scoring, surprising to some…


lead scoring

lead scoring

Results from the 2013 educational advertising survey on the topic of lead scoring will surprise some.  With the vast majority of respondents finding little value in lead scoring is it a sign of a shift in perceived value or lack of education and awareness?  Lead scoring came in to the industry with momentum as schools believe in reducing the waste in their marketing spend and are looking for ways to improve results.  However, it seems as if the industry’s sentiment has lost some of its momentum.  With improvement in technology and knowledge base continues from the agency side and technology firms, many feel that lead scoring has lost some value.

What are your thoughts?


  1. jim degni says

    We looked at lead scoring and tried it out. While we found some value in making additional leads bad, we also struggled with false negatives and discarding real inquiries.

  2. I think they cost too much, I think they would have been more successful at a lower price point. Also, with firms like leadid. cpa detective and others they are almost cost prohibitive

  3. carl easton says

    I think firms like leadid have fundamental problems as they will not protect the big lead providers they want to work with. They must guarantee they wont go into the lead gen business if they want participation.

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