October 17, 2021

Despite inaccuracies & heavy criticism, Department of Education Moves Ahead With ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule

Well so many of us tried & cried but it looks as though it’s moving ahead…

In its campaign to block the adoption of a new federal rule measuring how colleges prepare students for “gainful employment,” the for-profit-college industry and its allies have attacked the credibility of the Department of Education, questioning the processes it has followed in developing the new regulation and its competency in managing the kind of data that could eventually be used to cut off vital federal aid.

But despite the well-heeled opposition and recent evidence that the message is taking root — fueled in part by notable missteps by the Education Department in calculating data on default rates and by the yet-to-be explained errors of the Government Accountability Office in its widely publicized undercover investigation of several for-profit colleges — a retreat on the rule isn’t looking likely.

That became clearer last week when the department confirmed that it had made final revisions to the proposed gainful-employment rule and sent it on to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the final stop before it is made public in the Federal Register.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education



  1. leadvendor says

    Government intelligence my ass, lets protect the traditionals & community colleges to the detrement of those not acknowledged by those institutions…

  2. angryamerican says

    BIG MISTAKE! BIG MISTAKE! BIG MISTAKE! If you make a rule or law make it equal for everyone! EQUALIITY????

  3. hooplay says

    Government intelligence, more like government jackasses!

  4. Typical government, make changes without fully realizing the negative outcome on regular americans….
    I wonder how much the shorts are paying them…

  5. TeachingGuru says

    This is absolutely sad & horrible… I am speechless. The government is making a huge mistake & destabilizing the for profit industry.

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