September 24, 2021

In an Economic Storm, a College Degree Is Still the Best Umbrella!

is college worth the moneyIn an article by Eric Hoover, The Chronicle it seems Georgetown’s study backs what our industry has been saying for ever….


Weathering the recession with a college degree can be tough. Weathering it without one is much tougher.

That’s the main finding of a new report based on a study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. According to a report on the findings, the vast majority of jobs lost during and after the recession were held by workers with no more than a high-school diploma.

On the flip side of the job-loss equation, most gains during the recovery came in the form of jobs filled by workers with at least some postsecondary education. “The gradual shift to more educated workers has been going on for decades,” the report concludes, “but the recession gave it a mighty push.”

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  1. It’s hard to argue against this. So, basically quite depressing. The average undergrad student loan debt is $25k+ and climbing, 54% of these recent grads are unemployed or jobless, with the ones fortunate enough to have jobs getting paid less than previous years.

    How was this reality made possible and when is this bubble going to burst? Do you consider this to be the main US consumer borrowing issue now that real estate seems to have settled down? And even though these loans are much less than mortgage loans, isn’t the net exposure larger because a larger % of the population have student loans than mortgages?

  2. This study doesn’t surprise me at all. I think over the last couple of decades, education has taken a backseat to other issues faced by our great nation. It’s about time that the next generation of America gets a wake up call & re-order their priorities in life by putting a college degree as their number one goal. It used to be that Americans could get away by simply finishing high school or less and still be able to live out their dreams. Not anymore, there are people coming from other countries snatching away the good jobs. It is not a bad thing, but a reminder to us all…. Degree is not just a frame on the wall but it is now the key to survival.

    Best Wishes

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