October 26, 2021

Many colleges bolstering quality of intake with assessments

A good sign has risen over the last year as many of the nations top for profit colleges make strides in improving their intake mechanisms.  Instead of the previous standard open door policy colleges are now working to ensure a better fit for both the colleges and students best interest.  Assessments are starting to surface as a way for both the students and colleges to learn more about what is best for them.

By taking simple assessments many colleges are learning which programs the students are most motivated to succeed in and thus more likely to graduate, which is the shared goal of the student and institution.  Others are using assessments as a means to uncover weakness areas which need additional support from student services and professors.

Bottom line is that the smarter long term players have understood that now is the time to re-build for the future, while the market is expecting a slowdown anyway.  The result will be long term sustainable growth with better outcomes for all!admissions assessments