June 18, 2018

The Misrepresentation Rule and Third- Party Vendors


So many colleges have asked us for guidance on compliance and misrepresentation especially around the use of third party vendors.  While we are happy to discuss with you individually we wanted to share the following from APSCU:

Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (“APSCU”) has put out a memorandum giving guidance for the Misrepresentation rule and Third party vendors.

Internet brings many assets to higher education. As with multiple other industries, however, the misuse of the Internet can have harmful consequences for consumers and organizations. With the possibility of so many different entities involved in online student recruitment, APSCU felt it both appropriate and important to provide its members with this guidance.

Click Here to view Memo

Career College association AKA: APSCU sues Department of Education

Many of us were waiting for this to finally happen and it did.  The industry association formally took action against the Government’s harsh and ill thought out new & pending regulations.  Good, I will now continue paying my annual membership…

Link to press release below.