October 27, 2021

Tom Ferrara to moderate Education panel at BMO Marketing Conference

June 2, 2011

Join us for our 3rd annual conference showcasing leading companies in the Advertising & Marketing Services sector. The conference will focus on trends in technology and consumer behavior and their impact.

3rd annual advertising & marketing services conference Grand Hyatt • Park Avenue at Grand Central • New York City

Education Marketing Moderator: Tom Ferrara, Creator of ForProfitEDU.com & CEO of FF Ventures

Ad Venture Interactive, Mike McHugh, COO

Avenue100 Media Solutions, Brian Eberman, CEO

EducationDynamics, Steve Issac,Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

The CollegeBound Network, Greg O’Brien, CEO

Link to the Agenda:  http://www.bmocm.com/conferences/showAgenda.aspx?id=325

Link to registration: https://www.meetmax.com/sched/event_9091/investor_reg_new.html?cmd=register&event_id=9091

BMO conferences are consistently some of the best events every year, usually standing room only with the industry’s top companies and executives, if you can be there, GO!