October 26, 2021

Datamark Unveils Prospect Generation Strategies in a Post-Recession Economy

Salt Lake City, UT – December 28, 2010 – Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is helping schools prepare now for marketing strategies in a tight, yet changing, labor market. By addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the upcoming economic recovery and emerging mobile technologies, schools can develop cost-effective strategies to attract the best quality student prospects in the wake of a recession.

“Economic recovery doesn’t always equal enrollment success as student prospects begin to find more job opportunities,” said Tom Dearden, CEO of Datamark. “It is critical that schools understand and anticipate the enrollment landscape ahead, and proactively adapt their marketing strategies and practices for increased success in spite of the possibility of fewer qualified applicants.”

In Datamark’s newly-published white paper, “Prospect Generation Strategies in a Post-Recession Economy,” the company shares eight ways schools can refine every step of their marketing lifecycle, from prospect generation all the way through student retention:

1. Pay for inquiries based on their quality.

2. Prioritize inquiries based on their likelihood to convert.

3. Contact high-scoring inquiries within the first three minutes.

4. Develop a text messaging contact strategy.

5. Use online fulfillment packages and viewbooks.

6. Carefully control dialog marketing strategies and cadence.

7. Refine messaging based on economic conditions.

8. Keep enrolled student profiles updated.

“Schools need to be disciplined about who they’ll accept and learn how to keep the students they have,” said Misty Frost, Vice President of Delivery Services at Datamark. “As we come out of the recession, the schools that have done this will be much further ahead. They will have adapted their internal systems to meet current challenges, and they’ll have the resources in place to pursue the limited, qualified inquiries that are out there in the marketplace.”

Colleges and universities need to increase efficiency throughout the marketing lifecycle so they can maximize the window of opportunity that exists between inquiry and enrollment. Schools should prioritize inquiries and reevaluate contact strategies, including current and exploding mobile marketing channels, while placing greater importance on student retention.

Datamark has been presenting on the topic of post-recession marketing strategies at several education industry events recently, including the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) 26th Annual Conference, Stamats Integrated Marketing Technology Conference, and University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) New England 2010 Annual Conference.

About Datamark

Since 1987, Datamark (www.datamark.com) has provided innovative, data-driven marketing exclusively to higher education. The company provides marketing advisory research services, delivers full-service lead generation and management, and offers conversion marketing solutions designed to reach, engage and motivate prospective students. Focusing on performance and visibility into the student enrollment cycle, Datamark helps schools drive higher return on their marketing investment.

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