October 27, 2021

Admissions reporting a surge of students telling them Obama is going to pay for school…

More & more we hear from admissions people that a continuing trend of students coming in and telling them that the don’t expect to pay for school and that Obama is going to pay for it… This is a sign of a growing problem, much of which is being driven by the marketers. Do you know how your schools is being marketed?

 Take a look at this and let me know what you think (copy and paste if it does not appear as a link):  http://www.aralifestyle.com/article.aspx?UserFeedGuid=245a1190-1c3c-47aa-b51b-48f7b10be5ee&ArticleId=2507&ComboId=8228&title=Obama-will-give-you-2-500-a-year-to-go-to-school

FYI, the link in the email reads:  Click here: Low income? Stimulus will pay you to go to school

It is important that schools continue to fight for transparency in advertising tactics when they use new EDU marketers.  Must have teeth and claw-back provisions when vendors break arrangements!