October 27, 2021

Distance Education growing but not for for profits

Distance Education across the US has been growing steadily, with the exception of for profits.  Tracking Distance Education in the United States – a recent report released by Babson Survey Research Group (BSRG). show the dramatic shift.


To see the results of the study: https://www.pearsoned.com/grade-increase-tracking-distance-education-u-s-infographic/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=TiDL_eNews_April2018&utm_campaign=7010N0000003Pqu&cmpid=7010N0000003Pqu

2017 Market Driven Education Industry Group’s 6th annual Education Advertising & Marketing survey

mdeud survey

It’s that time again, the 2017 Market Driven Education Industry Group’s 6th annual survey, in conjunction with Edufficient, one of the fasting growing EDU-specific Performance Marketing Agencies has arrived.

This survey has become a standard for the industry, bringing together Schools, Lead Providers & Agencies, helping to create an updated master list of industry service providers.

Hundreds of screened participants help make this a valuable tool for all those who participate.

  • All participants are reviewed for accuracy & relevance to the industry.
  • You must complete 75% of the survey questions to qualify and receive results!
  • All requests for survey results from non-participants will be denied!

Service providers contact information must be accurate to qualify. Remember, schools will receive your contact information so they can contact you, so please double check for accuracy.

All School contact information is private and will not be distributed.                        Only vendor info will be made available to participating schools.

Link to Survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2MYH9MD 

Overall Student Demand for Higher Education has Dipped an Average of 8% Year-Over-Year in 2016.


2014 Conversions for On-Line Programs Crumble: 20% Behind Year-Ago Levels.


The Slowing Slowdown: Inquiries Only Fell 9% in February.


Finally! National Inquiry Volumes Rise in December.


The Fastest Growing City in November 2014? San Diego.

Dec_Fastest_Growing_Cities1 Online Slots & Casino Games Reviews

Demand for On-Ground Programs Held Its Own in September: Webinar Tomorrow (10/17)

While demand in the industry remains soft, Gray Associates forecasts that conversions for August and September will meet or beat 2013.

Join us tomorrow Friday, October 17th at 12:00 PM EST for our monthly webinar, which will include:

  • Overall Student Inquiries
  • Divergence of On-line and On-Ground Programs
  • Health of Largest Programs (On-Line vs. On-Ground)
  • The 5 Fastest Growing Programs


National Student Demand Numbers

GrayReports’ sample of nearly 32 million inquiries suggests that there is a rapid decline in inquiries for on-line programs, but relatively stable inquiry volume for on-ground programs.  We are also seeing a shift to higher-converting inquiries.  Recently, PPI volumes have dropped sharply, while internally-generated inquiries have risen.  As inquiries for on-ground programs and internally-generated inquiries gain share, conversion rates are rising.   So, while overall inquiry volume is down, converted inquiries are on the rise.

Inquiries for on-line programs continue to lose share.

  • So far in 2014, inquiries for on-line programs have dropped 23% YoY.
  • In July, they were down over 24.5% YoY.

Online Inqs. through July

Inquiries for on-ground programs remain a bright spot.

  • The first seven months of 2014 have produced a 7.6% year-over-year increase in inquiries.
  • The second quarter of 2014 outperformed Q2 2013 by 17.7%.
  • July is the first month in the past six that did not outperform 2013.
  • July recorded a very modest 1% decline in 2014.

On-Ground Inqs.

Internal inquiries are gaining share.

  • From January through March internal inquiries were stable versus last year.
  • April, May, and June all reported year-over-year increases of greater than 20%.
  • In July, internal inquiry share jumped 81% year-over-year to almost 30% of our sample.

Internal Conversions Through July 2014


Inquiry-to-application conversion rates have strengthened in recent months.

  • The first four months of 2014 are mature and have outperformed 2013.
  • May 2014 is nearly mature and has already outperformed 2013 by 12.4%.
  • July is starting strong and if the trend from the rest of the year holds it should outperform 2013.

Conversion rates through July '14

Conversion volumes are improving.

  • April had the lowest year-over-year growth thus far of 5.6%.
  • May still has the opportunity to improve but is already up 8.2% over last year.

Conversion numbers through July '14


August’s numbers will be completed in a few days and it will be interesting to see if the trends that have been developing over the past few months continue.  For an early look at August’s numbers click here to sign up for September’s GrayReports webinar.  If you have any questions about the data presented in this post please feel free to contact bob.atkins@grayassociates.com


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