October 27, 2021

Many lead providers note lack of Demand for leads by large schools


demand for education leads

After many discussions with some of the top aggregators & lead providers it became clear that most noted a lack in demand by the major schools.  This softness in demand seems to be continuing from the first 8 months of the year by the major EDU players. Not all lead providers indicating lack of demand, a select few of the highest quality providers tell us that the demand for their leads (even at the higher prices) continues to be strong.

Vendors have noted schools being slow to test new campaigns, delays in providing campaign approvals, and restrictions pertaining to taking on new partners/affiliates.

For most schools the demand for leads softened last year and has continued thus far this year.  Many site internal changes, program changes, more emphasis on direct acquisition, branding compliance fears as well as internal admissions process changes.

It looks like supply has outpaced demand of EDU leads in the current market environment.  Now lets hope the schools continue to cut out the poor converting providers and test new higher quality ones.  If you are a school looking for top quality lead providers visit www.forprofitedu.com  and contact us for a free list.