October 27, 2021

EducationDynamics 2011 Schools Choice Award winner

schools choice Best education lead generator

Congratulations EducationDynamics!

EducationDynamics was ForProfitEDU.com’s 2011 Education Advertising and Marketing Industry survey “Schools Choice” award winner for Best Lead Provider

ForProfitEDU.com recently completed its annual survey of over 200+ industry professionals and for the first time included a ranking of lead providers.  This year there will be 2 award categories for lead providers:

Schools Choice: The lead provider who achieved the highest overall rankings exclusively from schools.

Industry Choice: The lead Provider(s) who achieved the highest overall rankings cumulatively from schools & advertising firms.

ESM Promotes Dave Martelon to CIO

ESM Promotes Dave Martelon to Chief Information Officer

Highlands Ranch, CO – October 25, 2010 – ESM, a provider of student lifecycle solutions to help schools enroll, graduate and place students, has promoted Dave Martelon to Chief Information Officer (CIO), where he will lead the strategic direction of the company’s scalable, performance-driven technology services, as well as oversee the entire IT organization.

“Dave has been instrumental in advancing our technology platform – his vision for the future, keen knowledge of evolving technologies and leadership skills make him the ideal fit for our CIO,” said Doug Kelsall, CEO of ESM. “Technology plays a critical role in helping us reach and engage students, and under Dave’s guidance, we will be able to continue to provide the highest level of student support, as well as find new ways to deliver an exceptional student experience.”

As CIO, Martelon will lead the continued innovation of ESM’s student lifecycle technology suite, which seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing systems in order to support students throughout their entire educational path. Coupled with the company’s knowledgeable people and proven processes, ESM’s technology makes it possible to immediately connect with interested and qualified prospective students, work with those students throughout the enrollment process, retain students through successful program completion, and help place graduates into jobs.

Martelon has more than 15 years of technology leadership experience. His core areas of IT executive expertise include strategic planning and execution, business intelligence and analytics, call center technology, process improvement, IT service management, and software and system development. Additionally, he has successfully led the development and launch of multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

Prior to joining ESM, Martelon served as vice president of engineering at InfoNow Corporation, president & CTO at Solaquillo, and director of development for TrueLogic Financial. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.

About ESM

ESM provides student lifecycle solutions to help institutions enroll, graduate and place students. Leveraging its highly trained people, performance-driven processes and advanced technology, the company complements an institution’s in-house teams. As a premier Business Process Outsourcer, ESM operates the largest education-only call center in the country with more than 700 employees, delivering rapid, cost-effective lead processing, high contact rates and strong conversion rates. Additionally, ESM provides student retention solutions to improve graduation rates, as well as career placement services to help students succeed professionally.

Schools & lead generators getting increasingly nervous about government action

Over the last few months both schools and lead generation firms have become increasingly nervous over pending regulation changes.  More schools seem to believe that changes will come effecting cost per lead marketing, most vendors while increasingly stressed just don’t think it will happen.  Arguments can be made against the proposed changes include:

  • That lead generators don’t contact/interact with the student prospects
  • The the entire process is driven by the prospective student choosing and requesting
  • That non-profits buy data on people who aren’t aware and the directly market them
  • That the vendors are not in any way involved in the enrollment process
  • That the education directories provide a valuable free service for prospective students
  • That the lead generators have created much more outreach promoting education

Schools seem to think that if lead gen CPL has to either go away or change that CPC cost per click will remain…that doesn’t make any sense to me as ultimately the value of a click can be identified by conversions just as the value of a lead.  However, many mention that Google CPC is different as they set the price.  Other schools feel that placement fees/clotting fee will become the new normal. 

What do you think?

How will 2010 perform

With 2009 being a perfect storm for EDU lead gen, how will 2010 play out?  

Almost all of the EDU lead vendors we have spoken to feel 2010 will continue to be strong for EDU lead gen, though most don’t expect a repeat of last year’s explosion.  Clearly the data suggests that most of the second half of 2009 showed a steady decline from the first half.  While year over year was still exceptional, the aggregate consistently began to decline in August continuing thru year end.  However November & December did not decline from October as much as previous years.

Press Release: Remington College Reduces Costs, Gains Greater Control over Their Lead Generation with Sparkroom Lead Deliver

Lead Performance Management platform provides Remington marketers with real-time insight into lead performance resulting in more efficient media planning and execution

Toronto – November 11, 2009 – Sparkroom, Inc. (www.sparkroom.com), a leading provider of Lead Performance Management solutions, announced today that Remington College has chosen Sparkroom’s Lead Deliver and Lead IQ platforms to automate their lead delivery and gain real-time visibility into the performance of their direct response marketing channels. Sparkroom’s on-demand platform will enable Remington to take control over their lead management, reducing costs and allowing them to make more informed decisions, while holding lead providers accountable for performance.

“It was clear that bringing lead management in-house with Sparkroom would drive significant cost savings and give us greater control over our lead vendors. However the prospect of switching over all of our providers, implementing our complex business rules, and integrating with our various systems and partners was daunting – it really requires a solid solution from a vendor that can be supportive of our service level needs,” said Bob Lutz, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Remington College. “After speaking with some of Sparkroom’s other customers, I believe they have developed a methodology for rapid migration to their platform and that they will help my team come up to speed with minimal pain.”

With Sparkroom’s secure, scalable, on-demand platform in place, Remington College will:

  • Gain access to a self-service platform that will enable them to proactively manage their lead vendors, allowing them to develop tighter relationships with key media partners;
  • Increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs through access to lead performance data that will enable them to optimize their spend against their strongest performing segments and eliminating waste in areas that are not yielding results;
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual process steps through the application of custom business rules and integrated delivery of leads to their CRM system and third-party call centers.

“We are thrilled to be working with Remington College, Bob Lutz and his team,” said Jamie McDonald, CEO of Sparkroom. “We look forward to providing Remington with a software platform that will help them better manage and optimize their lead generation and admissions activities, ultimately giving them a competitive edge and helping them to scale their business more quickly.”

The Sparkroom Lead Deliver platform includes:

  • Real-time lead capture. Bring together leads from all of your direct response channels in one central database.
  • Complex lead validation and scrubbing.Validate that the leads being delivered are within your campaign dimensions and eliminate fraudulent, duplicate and invalid leads before they reach your call centers.
  • Robust lead delivery engine. Deliver valid leads to multiple destinations based on flexible and customizable distribution rules.
  • Integration with leading CRM and Student Information Systems. Pre-built connectors to leading vendor systems to insert new leads and extract conversion and admissions data.

About Sparkroom
Sparkroom is a leading provider of Lead Performance Management software and services. Sparkroom Lead Deliver and Lead IQ provide a business intelligence and lead delivery platform to give direct response marketers the tools and expertise needed to measure, manage and optimize their lead acquisition spending across every direct response channel. Sparkroom’s software, which it hosts and delivers to its customers on-demand, enables customers to capture, store and analyze information generated by their lead buying activities and to gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other business processes. Founded in early 2007, Sparkroom is privately-held, with funding from private investors and Matrix Partners. For more information, visit www.sparkroom.com.

About Remington College
Remington College is a common name used by all 20 campuses of a group of affiliated companies of privately-owned post-secondary educational institutions. Remington College offers diplomas, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in the fields of health science, criminal justice, business, electronics and information technology in 10 states and also offers online programs. Remington College and its predecessor companies have been part of the higher-education community since 1985.

Media Contacts

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to a whose who in EDU audience of over 3000+

EDMC pending IPO has created some excitement!

EDMC, Education Management Corp. planned IPO is getting lots of attention.  It may get frothy…  EDMC has some stellar holdings:

Art Institutes: with a focus on design, fashion, culinary & medical has achieved a significant brand in the market

Argosy: which focuses on Education, psychology, business, health & behavioral sciences also a strong brand with real credit to its quality & reputation.

Brown Mackie: really the career education focused division also has a strong history in accounting, business, criminal justice, tech, healthcare & legal keep them in the loop with the lower level degree programs even though they offer diploma, certs, assoc & bach

South: with it’s 100 year history & 5 locations really is an ongoing push for them as the online play has continued to move forward and gain ground.  Not yet a big boy, but clearly the management has the experience to take it to the next level.

Western State Univ. its little law school in Cali, may prove to be a future are of growth.

The EDMC group has brought together a strong management team who have done it before and hope to do it again.  They have the necessary tools & soon the resources.  It should be a nice one to watch.

LeadsCon East very strong this year, sold out early

For those of you who didn’t get into this years leadscon East, it was a solid show.  Lost of EDU folks from the school side, the vendor side as well as financial types.  It sold out early this year, hopefully next year they will find a bigger arena for the conference.  It’s a solid sign of the power and strength of the EDU space when shows like Leadscon, continue to show strength.

Clifford brings in the Big Gun!


Former GE Co. Chief Executive Jack Welch is lending  his name and money behind a successful educational entrepreneur Dr. Michael Clifford, injecting some star power into the budding industry of online education.

Mr. Welch is paying more than $2 million for a 12% stake in Chancellor University System LLC, which is converting formerly bankrupt Myers University in Cleveland into Chancellor University. It plans to offer most courses online. Chancellor will name its Master of Business Administration program The Jack Welch Institute.

June search volume strong, just not as strong as May

Finally some sense of reality, nothing can go up & up & up without ever settling down.  June search volume for edu terms remains very strong, but for the first time this year did not top the previous months activity.  Still, very strong signs of continued growth for the sector as compared to year over year trends.  It will be interesting to see August’s volume, as August is generally one of the strong turnaround months when dealing with the slower summer seasonality of edu lead volume in normal times that is…

June Search Volume

Our Linkedin Group just surpassed 1000+ members

Just wanted to share with you that we have surpassed the 1000+ member mark for our linkedin group.  There are many hot topics & discussions on that group from many of the leaders in the industry.  People seem to share more within that closed group than freely on the web.  If you are within the for profit EDU industry please feel free to join.

If you have not yet joined our linkedin group: For-profit Education, you can do so by clicking here and requesting to join: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1786509&trk=hb_side_g#h150-254