October 27, 2021

Education Aid, Inc. Announces New Jersey Student is First Winner of $5,000 Support a Student Scholarship Program

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Education Aid, Inc. Announces New Jersey Student is First Winner of $5,000 Support a Student Scholarship Program

Rutgers University student benefits from innovative scholarship program.

Tenafly, NJ – (January 31, 2012) –  Education Aid, Inc. announced the winner for their first-ever self funded Support a Student Scholarship Program for a New Jersey student attending a New Jersey State school.  The recipient, Sasha Bostick, is a bachelor’s degree candidate studying Sociology at Rutgers University and a single mother of one.


The scholarship program was developed to help economically disadvantaged students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to a lack of financial support.  With the Support a Student Scholarship Program, Education Aid has developed an innovative approach to making education accessible to many students who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school.  Students who need to work and go to school at the same time, especially single parents, face many responsibilities that sometimes prove to be too much of a financial burden and their education suffers as a result.


“In the Fall of 2011 I was thinking about dropping out of college after already taking 114 credits toward my major.  I am raising a son while attaining my bachelor’s degree.  I found myself having poor attendance because I could not afford daycare for my son.  Also, not having enough financial aid to pay for books was a major issue and caused me to fall behind in my courses.  I was selected to participate in this scholarship program through Education Aid and now I am receiving the daycare that I need for my son, enabling me to attend my night classes.  Education Aid also bought my required textbooks and replaced my broken computer, which I could not afford to fix.  I would not be enrolled in school this semester without this help, and will use this opportunity to attain my degree in Sociology.” ~ Sasha Bostick


She added that after graduating from Rutgers, “I hope to work in the field of Child Advocacy, which will allow me to give back to others the way that Education Aid has given to me.”


Bostick will be awarded $5,000 to pay for on-campus day care, textbooks, and school supplies for the 2012 Spring and Summer semesters.

Education Aid, Inc. is thrilled to be able to prevent a student from leaving school and enabling her to complete her degree.  “This type of aid is extremely limited and desperately needed by so many students,” said Karyn Balfour, the Founder and CEO of Education Aid.  “There are many costs, other than tuition, associated with earning your degree that typical financial aid packages do not cover,” said Balfour.  Without any financial support to help pay for these expenses, students are forced to work and go to school at the same time.  “When students are unable to pay for basic living expenses, they are put in a position where they need to choose between school and work.  Unfortunately, too many times they end up dropping out,” Balfour said.


About Education Aid, Inc.


It is the mission of Education Aid to change the lives of students around the country by providing them with the financial support they need to complete their education.  This is done through the Support a Student Scholarship Program. Participants of this Program will have payments made on their behalf for non-tuition related expenses that are not being covered by their current financial aid amounts.  Many economically disadvantaged students do not receive enough financial support to pay for such expenses and ultimately end up dropping out of school.  This Program was created to identify these students and provide them with the financial support necessary to enable them to complete their degrees.  You can read more about Education Aid at:   www.educationaid.org.