October 26, 2021

Can You imagine the Govt being the only source for Financial Aid?? It’s a little scary!

We all know the many issues that surface when you need to do business with the Government…think DMV…IRS…  I can’t imagine how ugly it would be to have the Govt as the only player in town for student loans…

This is what was said by the head to FA at Yale during a discussion with Obama in 2007:

But Yale Financial Aid Director Caesar Storlazzi said the University has already scrutinized direct loan programs — the approach Obama supports — and determined that mandating them would create more problems than would continuing the system currently in place. He said the “most important thing is having a choice.”

“Students can get better deals on their student loans … through private lenders than they can get through direct loans,” Storlazzi said. “There would be groundswell of opposition if we moved to direct loans. It would be more expensive for students.”

What do you think about it?