October 17, 2021

Leadscon 2010 in Las Vegas features a panel on The Future of Education Lead Generation

The Future of Education Lead Generation For those generating or wishing to generate leads, almost all will turn their attention to the online education lead generation space at some point in time. It is a sector that has public companies worth tens of billions of dollars in market cap combined, spends upwards of a billion dollars annually buying leads, and has seen incredible growth for almost a decade. Online education has bolstered the fortunes of so many in lead generation and the broader advertising world. Despite the rapid success or perhaps because of it, the future contains some uncertainty. Is this a gravy train that might soon end or one whose next ten years can look as promising as the past.Moderator: Tom Ferrara, Chief Executive Officer, FFVentures & Owner, ForProfitEDU.com
Panelists: Joe Charlson, SVP Strategic Operations, Education Management, LLC
Brian Eberman, Chief Executive Officer, Avenue100 Media Solutions
Terrence Thomas, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Education Dynamics

LeadsCon Las Vegas 2010 takes place February 23rd and February 24, 2010. Join for two full days of unforgettable learning and unparalleled networking.

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