October 27, 2021

Year-Over-Year Demand for Online Programs Fell 4% Relative to an Unusually Strong October of 2015.

Online Demand for Higher Education

Distance education has been very good for the business school at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Many non profit are leveraging an online program to help defray rising costs associated with their campus locations.  Umass is an example of success.

The 11-year-old online program accounts for just over a quarter of the enrollment at UMass’s Isenberg School of Management, yet revenues from the program cover about 40 percent of the school’s $25-million annual budget. And that’s after UMass Online, the in-house marketing agency, as well as a few other arms of the university have taken their cuts.

The business school’s experience helps to illustrate the economics of distance education and the way one college with a marketable offering is using online education to help its bottom line.

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