October 17, 2021

Tom Ferrara to moderate Education panel at BMO Marketing Conference

June 2, 2011

Join us for our 3rd annual conference showcasing leading companies in the Advertising & Marketing Services sector. The conference will focus on trends in technology and consumer behavior and their impact.

3rd annual advertising & marketing services conference Grand Hyatt • Park Avenue at Grand Central • New York City

Education Marketing Moderator: Tom Ferrara, Creator of ForProfitEDU.com & CEO of FF Ventures

Ad Venture Interactive, Mike McHugh, COO

Avenue100 Media Solutions, Brian Eberman, CEO

EducationDynamics, Steve Issac,Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

The CollegeBound Network, Greg O’Brien, CEO

Link to the Agenda:  http://www.bmocm.com/conferences/showAgenda.aspx?id=325

Link to registration: https://www.meetmax.com/sched/event_9091/investor_reg_new.html?cmd=register&event_id=9091

BMO conferences are consistently some of the best events every year, usually standing room only with the industry’s top companies and executives, if you can be there, GO!


  1. This is a great event! I have gone the last two years and looking forward to this years event. Ton’s of useful information, speakers and contacts.

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