September 26, 2021

Will online masters growth hold up?

After speaking with many analysts over the last few months there are two big fears that keep being repeated. The first being bad debt and the other top fear is the continued growth of online Master programs.  The main reasons mentioned are potential future cuts by corporations of tuition reimbursement & continued decline in economy, thus affordability of education. 

While I have heard of reports indicating that the risk of loosing corporate tuition reimbursement is minimal, are those accurate?  Who were polled?  HR people, they are usually the last to know.

Will the economy get so bad that people fear they will not be able to afford the monthly out of pocket costs of their tuition along with their rent, car, insurance and food?  

The search volume as well as lead volume continue to show strong demand.

What do you think?  Are you seeing anything either in support of this or to the contrary?


  1. I think so, the market seems to be turning around so I dont think we will get to the point where people cant afford to go to school. I think the consumer demand will continue to grow as the online aspect of it has created a killer app for education and that people are seizing the opportunity to get their masters…

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