September 27, 2021

Time is running out for you to Participate & receive the 2013 EDU Advertising & Marketing survey results

2013 edu advertising surveyTime is running out for you to Participate & receive the survey results! Just a friendly reminder for schools and EDU lead providers to participate in the 2013 EDU Advertising and Marketing Survey & Report brought to you by the ForProfit Education Industry group and a leading Education specific agency, lead, calls & transfers vendor management firm. You must participate to receive the results or be included in the report.

For Schools: ONLY participating schools will receive a free copy of the survey results and the report.

For EDU Lead Providers: You must complete the survey for your firm to be included in the EDU lead Generation Provider’s list which will be distributed to schools.

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California Bill Seeks Campus Credit for Online Study


ny times

Legislation will be introduced in the California Senate on Wednesday that could reshape higher education by requiring the state’s public colleges and universities to give credit for faculty-approved online courses taken by students unable to register for oversubscribed classes on campus.

If it passes, as seems likely, it would be the first time that state legislators have instructed public universities to grant credit for courses that were not their own — including those taught by a private vendor, not by a college or university.

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The Labor Market Returns to a For-Profit College Education according to NBER study

earn more with a degreeNew study from the National Bureau of Economic research shows:

We find that students who enroll in associate’s degree programs in for-profit colleges experience earnings gains between 6 and 8 percent, although a 95 percent confidence interval suggests a range from -2.7 to 17.6 percent. These gains cannot be shown to be different from those of students in public community colleges. Students who complete associate’s degrees in for-profit institutions earn around 22 percent, or 11 percent per year, and we find some evidence that this figure is higher than the returns experienced by public sector graduates. Our findings suggest that degree completion is an important determinant of for-profit quality and student success.

Link to Paper

Senate Report Paints a negative Portrait of For-Profit Higher Education

While the report did say that For-profit colleges can play an important role in educating nontraditional students, but the colleges often operate as aggressive recruiting machines focused on generating shareholder profits at the expense of a quality education for their students.

That’s the unflattering portrait of the for-profit higher-education industry detailed in a voluminous report officially released on Monday by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. The report, which also criticizes the accrediting agencies that evaluate the colleges, concludes a two-year investigation into the operations of 30 for-profit higher-education companies from 2006 to 2010.

A major issue raised was the amount of money spent on recruiting students

Article from the Chronicle: 


A judge ruling vacated a core element of the “gainful employment” rule!

A federal judge’s weekend ruling vacating a core element of the “gainful employment” rule was welcomed Monday by the for-profit college industry.  Many see this as vindication of their challenge to the controversial rule.

The decision however, affirmed the Department of Education’s authority to issue the rule, and advocates for tougher regulation including calling on the government to respond with new guidelines that would not be rejected for lack of a “reasoned basis.”

In striking down the regulations the court stated the following,
“The debt repayment standard was not based upon any facts at all. No expert study or industry standard suggested that the rate selected by the Department would appropriately measure whether a particular program adequately prepared its students. Instead, the Department simply explained that the chosen rate would identify the worst-performing quarter of programs…That this explanation could be used to justify any rate at all demonstrates its arbitrariness…This is not reasoned decision making. (“[I]n the absence of any reasonable justification,” the court “must conclude that this aspect of the [rule] is arbitrary and capricious.”
APSCU v. Duncan, pg. 31, 11-1314 (RC) (6/30/12)

Weighing Next Steps

A spokesman for the Education Department said Monday that officials there would decide “very shortly” whether to appeal the ruling, develop new regulations, or “do both.”

the courts decision can be found here: 

chronicle article here:

APSCU letter to Arne Duncan in response to the ruling here:


Graduate students no longer qualify for IN-school interest subsidy, how will effect your schools?

grad students interestAs the nation’s student-loan debt surpasses the $1-trillion mark, alarming students, parents, and politicians, few are thinking about the effects it is having on people

Beginning July 1. After that date, students pursuing advanced degrees will no longer qualify for the in-school interest subsidy on Stafford loans.  meaning they will now have to begin paying interest while in school.

The total debt borne by graduate students is expected to increase as about $125-billion in graduate-student borrowing is shifted from the subsidized to the unsubsidized program, costing students $18.1-billion over the next decade, according to estimates by the Congressional Budget Office.

Click Here for Chronicle Article 

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Court’s decision that struck down a portion of the “state authorization rule


for profit education

Many in the industry are celebrating a federal appeals court decision that tosses out portions of the U.S. Department of Education’s controversial “program integrity” rules.

In a unanimous opinion handed down Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision that struck down a portion of the “state authorization rule,” agreeing that colleges had not been given enough time to review it. The ruling also requires the department to revise regulations barring “misrepresentation” in college recruiting and to explain portions of a rule limiting the commissions colleges can pay to student recruiters.

The appellate court’s decision comes almost a year after a federal judge threw out a requirement that colleges offering online programs in other states seek approval from each of those states but upheld the department’s misrepresentation and incentive-compensation rules. The Association of Private Sector College and Universities, which represents for-profit colleges, appealed that decision last July.

To ready complete article on the chronicle:

New Service helps schools generate their own high quality low cost leads while improving trust and establishing a bond with prospects.

career assessments

Profile Company:

Mission: Help schools generate their own low cost, high converting student inquiries and improve retention rates with the Career Motivations Assessment.

A few of the advantages For Colleges:

Students can better explore career & degree options at your school based on their personal motivations & interests

Students can see an individualized ranking of your school’s specific degree programs, aligned with the prospective students’ interests, motivations and associated career paths

Use as a tool to generate leads, identify & capture passive students, on website, social media, recirculation & lead nurturing campaigns

Facilitate students’ success by enhancing satisfaction through enrolling them in the degree program they are most likely to enjoy & succeed in

Identify learning styles and preferred classroom environments, increase retention fulfillment, & better prepare students for success in the workplace

View a online demo:

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Schools utilizing assessments and other services to help prospective students identify right Degree Program


education best practices

Over the last 18 months many schools have taken the time to investigate ways they can both improve student intake and outcomes.  Schools have looked at everything from orientations, trail periods, profiling, lead scoring and assessments.  Most agree that is great to see schools focusing on quality in as it makes for significantly improved metrics & outcomes.  When a school demonstrates that their desires and commitments are in the best interests of the prospective student it builds a bond of trust and appreciation.  By taking a little bit of time to better understand the desires, motivations and interests of the student a schools is far more likely to create a better experience and satisfaction with it’s student body.

Over the coming months we will begin to explore some of the tools & services schools are utilizing to improve recruitment & retention, we will share these with those in our LinkedIn group with the hope that you will also share your successes with the rest of us.

Members of our LinkedIn group will receive emails profiling the services.  If you are within the industry please feel free to join our LinkedIn group by clicking on the linked button top right of the page.

ClassesUSA negatively featured on marketing blog


edu advertising

ClassesUSA recently was negatively featured in a marketing blog “Thechrista” regarding their questionable advertising.  As many lead generators consistently look for volume regardless of the quality we are sure to see more dubious practices.  Lets hope more industry people start to share their dissapointment with the tactics and quality.  Seriously, EDU marketers need to share more as I constantly hear from schools about the low quality, lack of transparency, and general disgust from many of their vendors.  If you have any experiences, have any terrible ads, bad practices, please share them so that others can avoid them too.



shirtless jesus obama go back to school classesusa ad


Link to blog post and pictures:

If you are a school who is looking for some clarity & guidance with their lead generation, please feel free to contact us