September 24, 2021

Is the growth in EDU demand starting to slow?

Some very interesting data coming in which may lead to the conclusion that the growth rates may be slowing.  While the industry is still growing and at rates which would make most extremely happy, the percentage growth may be showing some signs that it’s leveling out a bit.

BMO Back to School conference was a full house!

It was great to see the crowded halls & conference rooms at the BMO Back to School conference in NYC yesterday.  Jeffrey Silber & group attracted a full house of who’s who from both the EDU crowd & the financials who are interested in them.  Over 800+ people registered for this event and it sure packed the conference with plenty of energy.  Lots of great sessions & speakers all of which couldn’t have been more positive on what’s going on within the industry.  One of the best comments was when a panel was asked “what scares you” in connection with compliance and the growth of the industry.  Dr. Michael Clifford answered:  He mentioned that the experienced operators are not the problem.   What scares me is that there are just so many firms and so much money looking to go into this industry that he feared an inexperienced operator funded by one of the many firms looking to get into the industry, could besmirch the image of the industry as a whole.  Overall the conference was a hit, and clearly a strong indication of how the industry is doing.

BMO Back to School Conference..dont miss it!

Senior Research Analyst Jeff Silber will lead this annual investor conference, showcasing leading companies in the for-profit education industry.  It’s a whose who in ForProfit EDU, in NYC Sept. 17th

click here to register:

July Search Volume bangs back…

July, usually one of the slowest months for leads and consumer demand once again bucked the trend and was dominant.  Check out the stats

You can see that July was actually the stongest month for a number of terms

Clifford brings in the Big Gun!


Former GE Co. Chief Executive Jack Welch is lending  his name and money behind a successful educational entrepreneur Dr. Michael Clifford, injecting some star power into the budding industry of online education.

Mr. Welch is paying more than $2 million for a 12% stake in Chancellor University System LLC, which is converting formerly bankrupt Myers University in Cleveland into Chancellor University. It plans to offer most courses online. Chancellor will name its Master of Business Administration program The Jack Welch Institute.

what if the DOE limited growth rates on for-profit schools

I have been speaking with a number of analysts all of who seem to be focused on the Dept. of Ed and possible changes to the for-profit edu industry. One recent discussion focused on the what if scenario if the capped growth rates for for-profit schools. While I doubt something like that will occur, it would present problems for many in the industry. what are your thoughts on this and on other potential areas they may look to change.

Search volume continues to buck seasonality trend

April 2009 search volume suggested a unique break from the tradition of seasonality of consumer demand in the education sector.  April traditionally starts the downtrend of demand that would generally continue downward and not pick up until August.  But this year 2009 April bucked that trend!  After discussion with numerous people who follow the EDUmarket the common thought was that the current economic cycle has resulted in a continued increase in consumer demand for a degree or continued degree enhancement.  Was this a new trend for demand?  Or, was April just an abberation?

Well if the May results have any indication, it looks like a new trend and continued demand increase.  May proved to be yet another exceptional month for EDU search Volume.  In fact, and in many of the key for profit EDU terms May has beat out all other months over the last year… 

The only exception to this trend is the school name keywords, here April still led the way with the greatest volume for most and January for some of the big names.

Have you noticed some big EDU brands taking over search volume?

Have you noticed the change in search engine result over the last 2-4 months?  When using google the results when searching with some of the major industry search terms now display brands.  It seems brands have taken top position over many of the vendors.  Check out online degree & online degrees, you will see UoP in the one to three spot where a year ago these positions were dominated by the lead providers.  There are many speculators & conspiracy theorist out there giving their thoughts as to why.  Some say google is rewarding those big firms who spend lots on PPC search, others claim it’s because the brands are the good results/best match.  Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Uop and some others are receiving tons of new found and free traffic which will result in low cost enrollments.

Did April buck the seasonality trend?

For the last 7 years the lead flow and search volume have followed a distinct trend of seasonality.  This year however April has appeared to buck the trend on search volume.  April EDU traffic has surged in many of the top edu related terms, when it normally would have begun to fall off.  If you look at the year over year volume you usually see a strong Jan-mid-March then a continued decrease from the end of March though the end of July.  This has not been the case this year.  Will may fall off the cliff or continue to set a new trend.  Is this driven by the economy..has the lack of jobs for new grads pushed them to reconsider continued education?

April search volume holding strong

Check out the April search volume: