September 24, 2021

Important DOE Gainful Employment Regulations Info Update Jeri Prochaska, CSPEN

gainful emplyment

info Update Jeri Prochaska, CSPEN

Status of our Sector Webinar, we would like to share two new important pieces of information we received today from top-level Department of Education staff responsible for the interpretation and implementation of the GE regulations and metrics.

CSPEN has received word that sometime in October, not November as previously forecast by CSPEN and the Department’s own published timelines and Power Point slides, all schools with programs subject to the gainful employment regulations should expect to receive their Draft GE Debt-to-earnings (D/E) data.  While no specific dates were provided, the release could be as early as October 21st – following completion of the first two GE Reading Files and Submitting Challenges webinars, but are more likely to come sometime the week of October 24th. CSPEN also expects the 45 day challenge period to be announced separately either by the end of October or in early November as well.

We again remind you that it is vitally important for your institutions and those within your organization responsible for review of the Draft GE D/E data and possible submission of challenges to the data to strongly consider attending the workshops later this month.  For more information on these important webinars refer to (ANN-16-14) Subject:  Live Internet Webinars – Gainful Employment: Reading Your Draft GE Debt-to-Earnings (D/E) Rates Files and Submitting Challenges.

These same officials also shared that the changes being proposed as part of the September 13, 2016 Federal Register Notice (and the potential for any additional revisions based upon the comment period associate with this Notice which doesn’t close till November 14, 2016) are, in the view and interpretation of the Department, not subject to the Master Calendar and thus all of the revisions – including those based upon the comments – will be implemented as part of the 2017 Disclosure template requirements effective January 31, 2017

The Old Guard Shut Down Ivy Bridge…


Paul we feel for you!  It’s a sad day when innovation gets thwarted because of success, fear & political Bull S%$@

Buzzfeed has a good article on the sorry state of our political system and how the publicly stated goals of our president’s administration are being blocked by the very same party pitching them.



Last Week, President Barack Obama was speaking to students in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to encourage more colleges to innovate, try new things, do things that can provide a great education without breaking the bank,” he told the cheering kids, and the nation’s nervous college administrators. “For example, a number of colleges across the country are using online education to save time and money for their students.”

Across the country in San Francisco that same day, Paul Freedman, the founder of a company that had won a grant funded by the Gates Foundation to do roughly what the president described, got a FedEx package from the federal government.

This was not a letter of commendation. It was a notice from President Obama’s Department of Justice that his company, Altius Education, is under federal investigation. The notice was the culmination of a more than two-year battle between Altius and the Higher Learning Commission, one of two members of the 118-year-old North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which controls accreditation — the vital credential that gives college degrees value — for over 1,000 colleges and universities in 19 states. The HLC’s university backers have an obvious interest in avoiding the sort of low-cost competition that reformers, and now the president, seek. And commission documents that have not been released publicly, but were provided to BuzzFeed by Altius, paint a picture of a regulator that punished the company specifically for doing something — trying to reinvent a low-cost new college education — that are core goals of federal policy. And so even as Obama trumpeted innovation from the stage in Scranton, Freedman’s attempt to put it into practice seemed to have hit a wall.

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Senator Harkin to Retire, finally!

Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa will not seek another term in 2014.  The Senator an outspoken critic of the For Profit Education sector looks to finally be retiring.  Harkin, famous for his improper investigations utilizing precarious practices to skew finding along with having his gainful employment overturned by the courts for being biased & arbitrary looks to spend more time with his family.

The five-term Democrat and nearly four-decade veteran of Congress is the second fixture of his party in the Senate to announce his retirement in recent weeks

“I have been thinking hard about the decision whether to run for a sixth term in the United States Senate for a number of months – even more these last few weeks,” Harkin said in a statement released by his office today.

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ClassesUSA negatively featured on marketing blog


edu advertising

ClassesUSA recently was negatively featured in a marketing blog “Thechrista” regarding their questionable advertising.  As many lead generators consistently look for volume regardless of the quality we are sure to see more dubious practices.  Lets hope more industry people start to share their dissapointment with the tactics and quality.  Seriously, EDU marketers need to share more as I constantly hear from schools about the low quality, lack of transparency, and general disgust from many of their vendors.  If you have any experiences, have any terrible ads, bad practices, please share them so that others can avoid them too.



shirtless jesus obama go back to school classesusa ad


Link to blog post and pictures:

If you are a school who is looking for some clarity & guidance with their lead generation, please feel free to contact us

Average Call response times from schools shortens!

schools average time to call leads & prospects

Based on the results from the 2012 Education Advertising and Marketing Survey average response times from when a lead is generated to when it is call has shortened.  Clearly most agree that the speed to respond is a critical element in conversion performance.  How does your school measure up?  With the average numbers of schools a student requests information from increases, do you get to them before your competitor does?  If you are looking for response time advice or want to know about quality third party compliant Education call centers feel free to contact us

Career Colleges Are Accused of Job-Placement Fraud

New article from the Chronicle:

Hollywood is a town built on illusions, and the Los Angeles Recording School sits at its center, a stone’s throw from the big-name studios its graduates dream of working for.

The for-profit college, which has trained thousands of students to be recording engineers, says it placed more than 70 percent of its recent graduates in jobs related to their degrees. But a new class-action lawsuit says those numbers are a fantasy designed to dupe prospective students and its accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

According to the suit, which was filed by a pair of former students last year, the college used “deceptive tactics and tricks” to make its placement rates appear higher than they were. It counted sales jobs at Apple and the Guitar Center as “creative positions” and offered gift cards to students who signed forms stating they were self-employed. It required its graduates to get business cards, then gave the cards to its accreditor as evidence the students were working.

“They were telling the public that they had a placement rate of 70 percent, but they had ways of getting around that,” said Sarah Woolston, a graduate and former career-services employee at the college.

The college, which is now in the process of closing, is fighting the lawsuit and denies any wrongdoing. In a statement, it said it “stands proudly behind the education it offers and remains focused on inspiring students with the experience and knowledge that they need to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.”

The allegations against the Los Angeles Recording School come as a growing number of for-profit colleges face lawsuits and investigations into their job-placement practices.

This month, Career Education Corporation, one of the largest for-profit providers, told investors that it had found “improper placement determinations” at some of its health-education and art-and-design colleges.

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Online schools continue to be concerned over State approval requirements

government cracking down on collegesMany of the school systems we have spoken to continue to stress about the state approval requirements due to be in place by July.. It’s hard to imagine the burden the Govt. has placed on the many high quality education providers within our industry.  Clearly many of them will not be able to achieve overall approval by the deadline.  Does that only hurt the school or company?  What about the students that have begun working towards their degrees?  They continue to raise the bar as they go, yet they fail to even  pretend to hold traditional post secondary institutions as accountable…

The common response from the govt. is that we need to continue to install checks and balances, yet they clearly have no checks and balance to the plethora of new rules & laws that they create.   Wouldn’t common sense dictate that an easy check and balance would be what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?   Why don’t they hold all colleges and universities to the same standards?

Edu Stocks continue to fluctuate

Good news is the Republicans took the House, bad news Dems held the Senate.  EDU stocks continue to fluctuate due to uncertainty and fear.   Many arguments on both sides of the fence as to what will happen in 2011…  Happy to hear a lot more discussion and understanding about the positives the for profits bring to education.  About the outreach they provide to those ignored most by traditional academia.