September 26, 2021

Interview with Clifford & Robert Shireman

clifford and shireman

for profti edu vs. non profit

Ariel Sokol a known analyst covering the For Profit Education sector conducted an interview with both Robert Shireman and Michael Clifford.  Two interesting people with unique and different views on the the industry get together to answer & debate issues, questions and the state of the industry.

To view the interview Q&A please Click Here or on the link below:

PBS frontline piece on for profit colleges not as bad as most expected!

Last nights front line piece was not as one sided as expectst expected.  To view the segment visit:

Clearly there were some negative comments made from former employees of a few schools, but overall the segment appeared not completely biased.  What is clear is the necessity and role the for-profit play in helping America again reach the goal of being the nation with the highest college graduation rate.  For-profits spend much more on marketing and utilize more aggressive admissions tactics, but clearly it is what’s needed to gain the attention and help drive the decision to go to college for a growing sector of the population which are not well suited to traditional institutions. 

Other than a few bad employees, some questionable tuition cost benefit equations at a few institutions and some programs of questionable value,  the industry as a whole is providing a beneficial service to the under-served segment of our population. 

I would hope that what comes out of the Govt. sessions addresses only the problems specifically and helps pave way to increased growth opportunity for the majority of the quality institutions.  Using a machete instead of a pair of pruning sheers would be a huge mistake, which would backfire on the educational goals we all share…

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Senior Research Analyst Jeff Silber will lead this annual investor conference, showcasing leading companies in the for-profit education industry.  It’s a whose who in ForProfit EDU, in NYC Sept. 17th

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Clifford brings in the Big Gun!


Former GE Co. Chief Executive Jack Welch is lending  his name and money behind a successful educational entrepreneur Dr. Michael Clifford, injecting some star power into the budding industry of online education.

Mr. Welch is paying more than $2 million for a 12% stake in Chancellor University System LLC, which is converting formerly bankrupt Myers University in Cleveland into Chancellor University. It plans to offer most courses online. Chancellor will name its Master of Business Administration program The Jack Welch Institute.