October 26, 2021

CollegeBound & EducationDynamics tie as Industry choice for best EDU lead provider in 2011 survey!


CollegeBound & EducationDynamics tied for first place in ForProfitEDU.com’s 2011 Education Advertising and Marketing Industry survey “Industry Choice” award winners for Best Lead Provider

The results of ForProfitEDU.com recently annual survey of over 200+ industry professionals and for the first time included a ranking of lead providers.

This year there were 2 award categories for lead providers:

Schools Choice: The lead provider who achieved the highest overall rankings exclusively from schools. 2011 winner EducationDynamics

Industry Choice: The lead Provider(s) who achieved the highest overall rankings cumulatively from schools & advertising firms.


2011 winners CollegeBound & Education Dynamics

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Annual Lead Generation Benchmarking Survey is now Online!


ForProfitEDU.com Launches its Annual Lead Generation Benchmarking Survey Online. Employees & Executives at colleges who are members of the higher education community are invited to participate in benchmarking study to identify current trends and best practices in lead generation, advertising compliance & marketing

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 – New York, NY – ForProfitEDU.com announced today the launch of its Annual Lead Generation Benchmarking survey for the Higher Education sector. The survey, which is open to individuals that are directly involved with marketing in higher education, will examine where schools are focusing their online marketing efforts, what tools and tactics are most effective, and what challenges exist in this area. All survey participants may register to receive a free report with the results of the survey upon completion. According to BMO Capital Markets Equity Research, sales and marketing expenses can run above 30% of revenues for the majority of companies in the for-profit education space, with a growing proportion of that spend happening in online marketing. Despite this, there are very few objective resources that marketers in the education market can reference to get a better handle on the use of online marketing in the sector.

This survey will offer a clear set of benchmarks, while identifying current trends and best practices for marketing professionals. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and can be accessed online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2011collegeadvertisingandmarketingsurvey

It will be open to respondents until March 15, 2011 and a report on the results will be made available to participants by the end of March. Must be currently employed or within last 6 months employed with a school or responsible for the exclusive advertising and/ or lead buying for a school. All survey entries will be screened and validated!

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