September 24, 2021

UoP going Private


University of Phoenix selling College to Appolo Global

Apollo Education Group (APOL) will sell itself to a group of investors, which will take the company private. A former deputy secretary of the Department of Education, Tony Miller, will take the helm at a tough time. Its shares plunged 75% in 2015.

“For too long and too often, the private education industry has been characterized by inadequate student outcomes, overly aggressive marketing practices, and poor compliance. This doesn’t need to be the case,” Miller said in a statement.


Apollo Group gets hammered due to SEC inquiry!

Apollo group is getting hammered today due to its announcement of the SEC inquiry yesterday.  I would have to agree with JPM & Piper Jaffray’s view on this and believe the market is once again over reacting to EDU news…  Their EPS & Enrollment are above expectations & their retention has continued to improve.  In addition they seem to be closer to finally resolving the Qui Tam case.  Unfortunately (except to those who are buying) it looks like the panic is setting in again.  If it proves to be anything I would doubt it to be is a significant.

Apollo & their Cohort Default Issue

Much has been said over the last week regarding apollo and the manner in which they deal with their drops.

A complaint alleges that with regard to students who dropped from their courses shortly after enrolling, University of Phoenix improperly returned the entire amount of the students’ federal loan funds to the lender.  Therfore improperly inflating their default rate.

While I disagree with the practice, I do not believe its a door closer… and it’s not another EVCI

others however are much more bearish.

By far the most bearish viewpoint are:



Seeking alpha:

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