October 27, 2021

CareerMotivations receives top 5 Award

CareerMotivations awarded Top 5 finalist at EdGrowth Summit’s Entrepreneur open.

When we asked CareerMotivations to summarize how their product helps colleges, this is what we heard back:

How do you describe your product/service?

CareerMotivations service is unique as it provides value to almost all of the departments within a college:

The Marketing Department of a college uses the service to recruit more students by generating additional high quality leads as well as achieving a greater yield/return on their existing advertising spending.

The Admissions Department uses the service to better understand & build trust with the prospective students and enroll them in the most suitable degree programs.

The Student Management Department can use the service to place students into the appropriate classroom & instructor environments based on their needs as well as to identify “at risk” students allowing them to be proactive rather than reactive in their assistance.

The Career Services Department can use the service to assist its students and alumni in identifying specific jobs and career paths which directly represent their interests as well as finding those jobs with our job search functionality.

Finally, The Education Department leverages the service to identify, understand & act on the information gathered by the data assembled, thus allowing the institution to improve both intake and outcomes. Overall, we help them build trust with their prospective students & regulatory bodies by improving enrollment & retention rates.


About CareerMotivations

CareerMotivations is an educational services company that specializes in providing interactive assessment solutions to secondary, post-secondary institutions and individuals. By capitalizing on independently validated techniques to determine a person’s educational and career motivations, we help identify mutually beneficial relationships between students, their desired educational institution and career path.  We successfully help colleges increase enrollments & show rates, while also improving retention & graduation rates. For more information please visit www.careermotivations.com

EducationDynamics selected as Top Lead Provider in 2012 Survey

best EDU lead provider 2012Congratulations to EducationDynamics for being selected as the Best Lead Provider by schools in the 2012 Education Advertising & Marketing Survey.  With over 255 survey responses, Education Dynamics once again rose to the top of the list by schools surveyed.  This marks the second year in a row that EducationDynamics has won Best Lead provider selected by schools in the annual survey.

EducationDynamics is honored to be voted as the Best Lead Provider for a second consecutive year. It is a true testament to our philosophy, which has always been to serve schools best by serving students first,” said Tom Anderson CEO of EducationDynamics. “We are continuously perfecting our standards to deliver high quality prospective students that are culled through honest and compliant marketing efforts.”   EducationDynamics reaches millions of prospective students daily through strategic television advertising, results-driven online marketing campaigns, and multiple websites that provide students the information they need to make an informed education decision.  The company also offers a full-suite of enrollment and retention services, giving EducationDynamics a unique perspective on higher education marketing and the experience to overcome industry challenges.

EducationDynamics is higher education’s leading marketing information and technology services company dedicated to helping institutions find, enroll and retain students. Its content-rich and highly visible education websites, including, EducationConnection.com, eLearners.com, EarnMyDegree.com, , GradSchools.com, StudyAbroad.com, ChristianEducation.com, TestDriveCollege.com, TestDriveGradSchool.com and its special interest microsites, make EducationDynamics the premier provider of qualified prospective students for colleges and universities.  Through Aslanian Market Research, the company brings decades of proprietary research, unparalleled market and student intelligence and best practice insights to clients. For more information, visit


Schools utilizing assessments and other services to help prospective students identify right Degree Program


education best practices

Over the last 18 months many schools have taken the time to investigate ways they can both improve student intake and outcomes.  Schools have looked at everything from orientations, trail periods, profiling, lead scoring and assessments.  Most agree that is great to see schools focusing on quality in as it makes for significantly improved metrics & outcomes.  When a school demonstrates that their desires and commitments are in the best interests of the prospective student it builds a bond of trust and appreciation.  By taking a little bit of time to better understand the desires, motivations and interests of the student a schools is far more likely to create a better experience and satisfaction with it’s student body.

Over the coming months we will begin to explore some of the tools & services schools are utilizing to improve recruitment & retention, we will share these with those in our LinkedIn group with the hope that you will also share your successes with the rest of us.

Members of our LinkedIn group will receive emails profiling the services.  If you are within the industry please feel free to join our LinkedIn group by clicking on the linked button top right of the page.

Average leads per rep per day

how many leads per rep per day for schools




















According to the 2012 EDU Advertising & Marketing survey 5-6 seems to be the most common amount of leads per rep per day.  The largest share of schools seem to believe that 6 leads per rep per day is the sweet spot.  When I worked at a school we had a belief that plus or minus 15% of lead flow admissions reps would still recruit the same amount of students.  Which meant that they worked harder to contact the student prospects when they were not getting new inquiries as often.

Average Call response times from schools shortens!

schools average time to call leads & prospects

Based on the results from the 2012 Education Advertising and Marketing Survey average response times from when a lead is generated to when it is call has shortened.  Clearly most agree that the speed to respond is a critical element in conversion performance.  How does your school measure up?  With the average numbers of schools a student requests information from increases, do you get to them before your competitor does?  If you are looking for response time advice or want to know about quality third party compliant Education call centers feel free to contact us

2012 EDU Lead generation spending

education lead generation spending 2012

source 2012 forprofitedu.com advertising & marketing survey


2012 Survey 250+ respondents

schools and agency’s seem in deadlock as to increasing or maintaining the lead generation activities in 2012

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2012 Advertising & Marketing Survey

ForProfitEDU.com Launches its Annual Lead Generation Benchmarking Survey Online. Employees & Executives at colleges who are members of the higher education community are invited to participate in this annual bench marking study to identify current trends and best practices in lead generation, advertising compliance & marketing

Monday, January 9th 2012 – New York, NY – ForProfitEDU.com announced today the launch of its Annual Lead Generation Benchmarking survey for the Higher Education sector. The survey, which is open to individuals that are directly involved with marketing in higher education, will examine where schools are focusing their online marketing efforts, what tools and tactics are most effective, and what challenges exist in this area. All survey participants may register to receive a free report with the results of the survey upon completion. According to BMO Capital Markets Equity Research, sales and marketing expenses can run above 30% of revenues for the majority of companies in the for-profit education space, with a growing proportion of that spend happening in online marketing. Despite this, there are very few objective resources that marketers in the education market can reference to get a better handle on the use of online marketing in the sector.

This survey will offer a clear set of benchmarks, while identifying current trends and best practices for marketing professionals.  When you complete this survey, you will be able to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Amazon.com Gift Card!

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and can be accessed online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012collegeadvertisingandmarketingsurvey

It will be open to respondents until March 15, 2012 and a report on the results will be made available to participants by the end of March. Must be currently employed or within last 6 months employed with a school or responsible for the exclusive advertising and/ or lead buying for a school.  All survey entries will be screened and validated!

About ForProfitEDU.com

ForProfitEDU.com is a leading website resource & Networking group (7000+ members) for all those who work within, around or are interested in the For-Profit EDU industry. The site offers networking, research, consulting, news updates and commentary from members of the For-Profit EDU community. Contributors include those from the school side, as well as those that work at related services firms including the investment community (investors, analysts, venture firms & PE firms), marketing & advertising professionals, educators & curriculum development, career services & other related service providers. ForProfitEDU also provides research and consulting services to schools & other service firms within the industry. Areas of expertise include Advertising, Lead generation, Marketing Strategy & Execution, Admissions, M&A, Raising capital, Market research and Partnering to create & grow online schools.


CareerMotivations today announces it’s free assessment service for students and career changers




November 29, 2011

CareerMotivations today announces it’s free assessment service for students and career changers.   We provide a best in class validated assessment that helps prospective students determine career paths & college degrees which best fit their personal interests & motivations.  Combining a proven, reliable, fully validated assessment with the US Govt’s O’net, BLS & CIP code data allows us to provide an in-depth snapshot into one’s personal interests & motivations aligned with Career Path’s and associated College Degree programs.   Most agree that those who make well informed educational decisions are more likely to be students with higher retention, graduation & placement rates.
It’s about outcomes, we strive to ensure a Win – Win relationship between the student and the college.  Often students do not understand their motivations and therefore enroll in a path that leads to a lack of interest & boredom; when that occurs, the commitment vanishes and ultimately they drop out.  Since colleges are looking to improve outcomes and students are looking for guidance as to what’s right for them, CareerMotivations assessment provides that.
For Students: If you are a student or a working professional who is pursuing or advancing a degree, CareerMotivation’s online assessment can help you choose a specific degree that will lead you to your desired career path based on your personal motivations and interests. Selecting the right career path along with the associated degree program is an important step in reaching your future career planning, goals & success. Your personal career assessment will reveal your skills, interests, learning styles and motivation. The results are mapped to career & degree information which can be used as your guide for career development.
Solutions for Colleges: Colleges can offer the assessment to their prospective students  allowing both the student and the admissions reps to make a more informed decision.  We can map your college’s specific degree programs to the results allowing both admissions & prospective students to see which of your schools programs they are best suited for.  When you reach out to prospective students you can establish a value proposition and a trusted relationship with them & their families. The assessment when offered by your school will reinforce the importance of the decision they are looking to make and show them that you have their best interest in mind. What better way to establish a relationship of trust than by offering them a Free Career Assessment- one that helps them identify which career & educational path’s are available at your college is right for them. Advertising a Free Career Motivations assessment can also help attract new students, yield significant return with your recirc’s and reduce acquisition costs of students. Think of the relationship you establish with the prospective student and family when your admissions representative sits down with them to go over their results and helps them plan for their future and achieve their goals & desires.

Solutions for Call Center & Lead providers:

Lead providers can utilize a private labeled or co-branded version of the CareerMotivations assessment to increase lead generation volume and reduce the cost of prospect acquisition.  The registration can be customized to collect the data fields you require prior to users being able to take the assessment.  The registrations can be posted directly to your lead management system or dialer.  CareerMotivations believes the value of a lead who has taken an assessment is significantly higher than a lead alone.



CareerMotivations is an educational services company that specializes in providing interactive assessment solutions to secondary, post-secondary institutions and individuals. By capitalizing on proven techniques to determine a person’s educational and career motivations, we help identify mutually beneficial relationships between a student and their desired education and career path.

For more information on CareerMotivations services please visit www.careermotivations.com


Press Contact:



or email us at info (@) ffventures.com

14 Vervalen Street
Closter, New Jersey 07624

Phone: 201-564-7651
Fax: 201-215-0751


Vantage Media buys BrokersWeb to Create Multi-Vertical Leader in Online Customer Acquisition

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. and MIAMI, Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Vantage Media, LLC, a technology-driven vertical performance marketing company, and BrokersWeb, Inc., the fastest growing leader in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in the Insurance vertical, today announced that the companies have completed a merger to create one of the world’s largest online performance marketing companies.  The combined entity will focus on delivering new customers, via clicks and leads, to clients in the Education, Insurance and Moving verticals.
Vantage Media’s and BrokersWeb’s core competencies are highly complementary and will allow the combined company to further accelerate the vertical expansion and products that each company has developed separately. Clients can expect immediate and long-term benefits from enhanced customer acquisition solutions driven by the joint effort’s expanded reach and ability to identify customers where and when they are ready to buy. Media partners can expect increased revenue opportunities from the combined company’s proprietary monetization solutions. Additionally, the company will control significant proprietary media that will further leverage and differentiate the company’s services.
“The combined company will deliver unmatched value for clients and media partners,” said Patrick Quigley, Vantage Media CEO who will lead the combined company. “The transaction allows both companies to build upon and leverage the strengths of each other. Our technology platforms and media capabilities are highly complementary and the combination will create immediate revenue opportunities and additional value for our clients and media partners.”
“We are more confident than ever with the prospects of the BrokersWeb business, and welcome the resources Vantage Media will bring,” said Matias de Tezanos, CEO and founder of BrokersWeb, who will continue in that role and lead the combined company’s international expansion. “This transaction enhances BrokersWeb’s leadership position in technology, advertising clients, audience and publishers, while enabling us to create additional meaningful revenue opportunities for our partners.”
The BrokersWeb business will retain the “BrokersWeb” name and all of its management, while gaining additional technical, financial and human resources to grow the business.
About Vantage Media
Vantage Media specializes in delivering qualified customers to leading brands in the Education, Insurance and Moving verticals on a pay-for-performance basis.  Driven by, and accountable to, client ROI, Vantage Media focuses on quality online media to find customers where and when they are buying.  Vantage Media, based in El Segundo, California, has received numerous industry accolades and has been named to the Deloitte Fast 500 and Inc. 500.  For more information, please visit www.vantagemedia.com.
About BrokersWeb Inc.
Founded in 2004, BrokersWeb is a leading premium pay-per-click (PPC) marketing network for over 150 top-rated insurance and mortgage clients. The company has grown into one of the leading ROI-driven, online marketing channels for PPC advertisers, delivering tens of thousands of ultra-targeted consumers to its clients on a daily basis. The company’s websites and publisher partners reach millions of qualified, in-market consumers every month. BrokersWeb was recognized in 2011 as the #1 fastest growing insurance company in the Inc. 500. For more information, please visit www.brokersweb.com.
Contact:Wendy Barbour310.545.5902 office310.895.0865 mobilewbarbour@vantagemedia.com